This school named its sections after COVID-19 vaccines and it’s 100% effective

So is Grade 1 — Pfizer the star section?

An elementary school in Valenzuela City is going viral recently for naming all five sections of its first grade after famous COVID-19 vaccines.

In what seems like another interpretation of “herd immunity,” incoming first-grade students have been sorted into sections named “Sinovac,” “Moderna,” “Pfizer,” “Janssen,” and “Astra,” which is short for AstraZeneca. Of course, since children are still awaiting the FDA’s approval to take their vaccine jabs, this witty solution would have to suffice for now.

This school named its sections after COVID-19 vaccines and it’s 100% effective
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(Images: Bitik Elementary School via

As expected, social media users responded in jest to the silly naming scheme. Some wondered why there wasn’t any section named after the Russian vaccine Sputnik, while others even took it up a notch and pitched another section named “Grade 1 — Ivermectin” after the notorious anti-parasitic drug. Yay or neigh?

Some also asked if Grade 1 — Pfizer is considered the star section considering it’s the vaccine that posted the highest efficacy rate. In the same vein, some inquired if the Sinovac section would only have 50% of its students present.

At the end of the day, it’s not about which section performs better than others, or which one could have been named under which vaccine, because as experts say, “the best section is the one that’s available.” 

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