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MAKUKU Philippines Invites Parents To Join Their ‘Share A Smile Baby Challenge’

Here’s a fun way to keep track of your baby’s milestones!

First-time parents are usually excited about their babies’ development. No one understands that more than MAKUKU Philippines, the makers of Slim and Comfort series diapers. That’s why they launched the Share a Smile Baby Challenge.

Babies can smile as soon as they’re born. A newborn’s smile is called a reflexive smile. Internal factors can cause such smiles. These factors include passing gas, stool, or resting comfortably in their parents’ arms. Meanwhile, they develop a social smile at six to eight weeks of life.

At this stage, babies are growing up and figuring out human behavior. A social smile is the smile babies flash when their parents smile at them. Social smiling is important for babies’ overall brain development, so parents must pull out all the stops to encourage their little ones to smile. (Try singing to them; that usually works like a charm.)

During your baby’s two-month checkup, your pediatrician will ask you if your baby’s social smile has appeared already. So as a parent, you must keep track of your baby’s milestones, especially this one.

Join the MAKUKU Philippines challenge

MAKUKU Philippines came up with the Share a Smile Baby Challenge to help parents stay on top of their babies’ milestones. To join, post your baby’s cutest smile, random giggles, or spontaneous laughs on your personal TikTok account. Be sure to tag MAKUKU Philippines’ official TikTok account and use the official hashtag #itsmoreFUNwithMAKUKU.

See below for additional details and instructions.

Instructions on joining the MAKUKU PH 'Share a Smile Baby Challenge.'

Finally, encode your entry here and tag your friends too. Winners will be drawn weekly for a chance to win a 1-month supply of MAKUKU Slim diapers. Meanwhile, the 500 participants with the most likes will get a chance to win a two-month supply of MAKUKU Slim diapers.

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To learn more about the importance of social smiling (and the contest), tune in to MAKUKU Philippines’ Lazlive on October 7 with guest host MJ Marfori. Influencer and first-time mother Rita “Badjao Girl” Gaviola will join MJ.

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