BLACKPINK Convinces Ricci Rivero To Say “Yes” To Andrea Brillantes’s “Promposal”

Admit it or not, Andrea Brillantes is one lucky fangirl!

Award-winning South Korean girl group BLACKPINK helped another girl out as they convinced Ricci Rivero to accept Andrea Brillantes’ “promposal” at the “Born Pink” concert held at the Philippine Arena on Sunday, March 26. 

The real-life couple has caught the attention of BLACKPINK members Lisa and Rosé during the latter part of the show. The two members have noticed Brillantes’s yellow placard saying, “I just wanna ask Ricci Rivero: Will you go to prom with Andrea? “

Rosé initially begs, “Please go to the prom with that girl” before reading Brillantes’ proposal out loud. 

After the two members asked where Rivero was among the crowd, he showed up all smiles next to Brillantes to accept the proposal.

“He said yes,” Rosé confirms. This is then followed by an outburst of cheers from the surrounding crowd. Lisa then remarks, “Awww, so cute!”

Jennie, on the other hand, reveals, “None of us went to prom,” as she stretches her excitement and congratulations to the couple. 

Brillantes’s “promposal” was for ABS-CBN’s upcoming event, “Star Magical Prom” which will happen on March 30, 2023. A pool of then network’s on-screen tandems and real-life couples had brought in a lot of excitement lately as they asked their partners out with unique proposal gimmicks. 

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Netizens on the Andrea Brillantes promposal

The video of the promposal was quick to reach all the corners of Twitter. Brillantes ranked among the platform’s Top Trends after fans expressed their joy over the successful proposal. However, some users still had a beef to say. 

Brillantes was called out for being too “papansin” and even getting “showbiz ka-cheapan” in return. Many had also pointed out Rivero’s seemingly lack of enthusiasm over the gimmick.

Even then, there were those who defended Brillantes, saying that she’s a BLINK too and has the right to enjoy the show.

Nonetheless, the couple both looked happy in an Instagram story that Brillantes uploaded after the show. Its caption says, “Amazing night” which is accompanied by a line from the BLACKPINK song “Forever Yong,” which says, “say life’s a b****, but mine’s a movie.”

Andrea Brillantes promposal

It was in April 2022 when Brillantes and Rivero made their relationship known to the public. The then University of the Philippines basketball player asked Brillantes to be his girlfriend through a placard that says, “I just want to ask Blythe to be my girlfriend,” to which she said yes to.

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