“Berlin” Teaser Trailer Reveals Official Release Date For The “Money Heist” Spin-Off

Pedro Alonso is back as Berlin!

Netflix is back at it with news for the upcoming “Money Heist” prequel series titled “Berlin.” In a recently unveiled teaser, viewers catch a glimpse of the character Berlin, portrayed by Pedro Alonso, in a new and exciting light.

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The official teaser for “Berlin” takes us back to when Berlin was a carefree and enthusiastic thief. It is a stark departure from his morally complex role as the second-in-command in “Money Heist.”

In the teaser, Berlin is seen planning a daring heist in Paris to steal €44 million from a high-profile auction house in a single afternoon. But, complications arise as Berlin becomes entangled with the wife of the man he intends to rob, adding an intriguing layer of suspense to the narrative.

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In “Money Heist,” Berlin plays a big role as the elder brother of the Professor, contributing to the planning of the heists central to the plot. While the original show was produced and initially aired on Antena 3 in Spain, it gained international acclaim following Netflix’s involvement.

“Berlin” is brought to life by creators Esther Martínez Lobato and Álex Pina, the masterminds behind “Money Heist.” The writing team for this prequel includes David Oliva, David Barrocal, Esther Martinez Lobato, and Álex Pina. Alongside Pedro Alonso as Berlin, the cast features Michelle Jenner as Keila, Begoña Vargas as Cameron, Julio Peña as Roi, Tristán Ulloa as Damián, and Joel Sánchez as Bruce.

Netflix’s “Berlin” is scheduled to premiere on the platform on December 29, 2023.

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