Netflix Drops The First Official Trailer For “Money Heist” Spin-Off, “Berlin”

Berlin, a favorite Money Heist” character, is back!

Heads up, “Money Heist” fans! A spin-off of Netflix’s hit Spanish series titled “Berlin” has officially dropped its first trailer.

The upcoming stand-alone series will follow Berlin on his journey through his own planned robbery in the city of love, Paris. Berlin is played by Spanish actor Pedro Alonso.

On February 8, Netflix released the Spanish series’ debut trailer. The 52-second trailer shows a character planning an elaborate burglary inside a wooden playhouse.

Berlin places a red jewel within the structural home while staring at a cutout of a young woman, implying a fantastic romance.

“Berlin” serves as a prelude to “Money Heist.” It explores the character’s childhood, his relationship with his brother, the “Professor,” and their days leading up to the huge robbery.

Several actors will appear alongside Alonso in the series, including Tristán Ulloa, Michelle Jenner, Begoa Vargas, Julio Pea, and Joel Sánchez.

The drama series will be out on December 2023. The first season will consist of eight episodes.

It is no secret that Berlin is one of the most loved characters in the original series. His death in “Money Heist” season one saddened many fans and left them hoping to see more from him in future seasons. While Alonso’s character did not magically come alive, he appeared in backstories in the next few seasons.

Because of the character’s popularity, Netflix decided to give the green light on a “Money Heist” spin-off centered on Alonso’s well-loved role.

Watch the first trailer for the series here:

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