Camille Vasquez: Why Netizens Are Fascinated By Johnny Depp’s Lawyer

Read all about this brand new star in the legal firmament.

There was a powerful presence at the Depp-Heard trial last week: Atty. Camille Vasquez.

Atty. Vasquez attracted attention to herself at the defamation trial on May 17. She grilled Amber Heard so hard that the actress appeared stressed. Depp fans and other lawyers are praising her for her performance in court. But who is she, and why has she become an overnight sensation?

Let’s take a closer look at this sassy lawyer.

Who is Camille Vasquez?

Born to Cuban and Colombian parents, Camille Vasquez, 37, is from Los Angeles. She graduated from the University of Southern California in 2006. Vasquez went on to earn a law degree from Southwestern Law School.

Now, Camille is practicing her profession as an entrepreneur and lawyer. She is an associate with Brown Rudnick LLP’s Litigation and Arbitration Practice Group.

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Legal publication Best Lawyer said Atty. Vasquez is one to watch for this year. Her previous cases were low-profile ones. She focused on labor disputes, none of which involved Hollywood stars.

Atty. Vasquez is great at formulating litigation strategies for private clients. TikTok videos of her cross-examining Amber Heard went viral. Her near-constant objections, no-bullshit attitude, and tough questioning drew praise from netizens.

Vasquez vs. Heard

Over two days, Vasquez sought to cast doubt on Heard’s account of her troubled marriage to Depp. She aimed to get jurors to see inconsistencies in Heard’s claims.

“You’re the one who assaulted someone with a bottle in Australia, isn’t that right? You weren’t scared of him at all, were you?” Vasquez asked in one exchange. She referenced a chaotic 2015 fight in Australia. Heard alleged that Depp sexually assaulted her with a bottle back then.

Another memorable court moment had Vasquez suggesting Heard owes her success to Depp. “Johnny Depp got you that role in Aquaman, didn’t he?” Vasquez asked.

Some are speculating that Depp and Vasquez are dating. But the attorney says she and Depp are friends. She has affection for him, yes, but only because she finds him amusing.

Updates on the trial

Some say Vasquez is being anti-feminist. But her supporters are painting her as a champion of male domestic violence victims. That said, whether Vasquez’s popularity will translate to a win for her and her client or not remains to be seen.

The trial should have concluded yesterday, May 19. But due to the amount of evidence presented, the court decided to extend the trial to another week. May 27 is the new end date, but the jury will need more time to assess their verdict.

For now, you can watch clips like this.

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