Celebrities React To Miss Universe 2023; Air Support For Michelle Dee

Celebrities have taken to social media their two cents about Miss Universe 2023

The thing about being a Miss Universe delegate from the Philippines is that one will never run short of support from the Filipino community, celebrities included.

Celebrities who are fans of pageants, as well as friends of Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Dee, have aired their reactions to the pageant as well as the surprising results of the pageant.

Vice Ganda 

It is a yearly tradition of Vice Ganda to put an effort for the Philippine delegate once the pageant night arrives in full glory. Just like before, Vice aired his opinions on X (formerly Twitter) about the pageant as well as admiration for the country’s representative’s “pinakachugug” performance. 

He even says that his energy dropped after Michelle failed to be called into the Top 5. Moreover, he left a funny tweet about the question asked for the Top 3. 

MJ Lastimosa 

Just like Vice, Miss Universe Philippines 2014 MJ goes active on Twitter to drop her hottest takes on the pageant. 

Even after Michelle’s non-inclusion in the Top 5, MJ was one of the many Filipinos to offer her congratulatory remarks for Michelle’s impressive feat. 

Chie Filomeno 

Another celebrity who took the time to drop some words of encouragement is “A Very Good Girl” star Chie Filomeno. 

In a short tweet made after the announcement of Top 5, Chie writes on X, “MMD deserved better but thank you for putting your heart out there for our country.” 

Kylie Padilla

Michelle has also received sympathy from her fellow Sparkle stars—one of whom is Kylie Padilla, who was never discreet about how upset she is with the results.

In a tweet, she expresses, “MMD exuded beauty but she also exuded power, leadership and intelligence. She is not just a pretty face, she is commanding and when she talks, she talks with purpose. HAY I AM SO UPSET.” 

Rhian Ramos

Michelle’s close friend and Kapuso actress Rhian Ramos dropped a cryptic post just a few minutes after the Top 5 announcement. 

In a tweet published by Rhian, she says that there’s “something fishy” going on. However, it was not specified if it is the Miss Universe results. 

Even on Instagram, she was all-out active in giving Michelle the support she needed. Rhian was even seen getting teary-eyed over Michelle’s evening gown execution. 

Rhian Ramos's reaction to Miss Universe 2023

Winwyn Marquez 

Michelle’s cousin, Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 titleholder Winwyn Marquez is also vocal about some nerves from the Miss Universe rush, but all in all, she also added some extra boost for the Filipina delegate. 


Sparkle’s Joy Marcelo 

On top of the celebrities’ support, Michelle has gotten executive support from one of the big bosses of GMA-7—Sparkle Vice President Ms. Joy Marcelo. 

Joy has flown all the way to El Salvador to support Michelle, part by part sharing in her Instagram stories some of the live happenings at Miss Universe. 

Screenshot 2023 11 19 174024
Screenshot 2023 11 19 174044
Screenshot 2023 11 19 174107

On top of that, Ms. Joy has shared a screenshot of her conversation with Michelle, wherein the Filipina delegate was offering an apology. 

As disheartened as Michelle is, Joy replies, “Nooooo way. You outdid yourself. You outshone all of them. We love u!!!!!! We are proud of you!!!!!!

Screenshot 2023 11 19 174124

Other celebrities commend Michelle Dee’s Top 10 finish 

On top of the big names’ separate takes and support for Michelle, the cheer came no less than celebratory in Michelle’s Instagram. There was an outpour of support from beauty queens, celebrities, and other personalities just after Michelle Dee posted her Whang-Od-inspired gown. 

Screenshot 2023 11 19 175048
Screenshot 2023 11 19 174317
Screenshot 2023 11 19 174350
Screenshot 2023 11 19 174410
Screenshot 2023 11 19 174442
Screenshot 2023 11 19 174516
Screenshot 2023 11 19 174533
Screenshot 2023 11 19 174632
Screenshot 2023 11 19 174817
Screenshot 2023 11 19 175106
Screenshot 2023 11 19 175121
Screenshot 2023 11 19 175140

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