Darren Espanto Confirms Past Romance With Kyline Alcantara

Darren says that what he and Kyline had was a puppy kind of love

Darren Espanto reveals that he had romantic involvement with Sparkle artist Kyline Alcantara in the past until a “misunderstanding” prompted them to part ways.

Gracing an interview with “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda” on Monday, April 15, 2024, the 22-year-old singer confirmed the longstanding speculation that he and Kyline were once an item. 

Boy asks, “Doon sa pangalawang shini-ship sa’yo, I’m talking about Kyline, what is the true story? Sabihin mo sa akin ang totoo. Naging kayo?” 

With a hint of reluctance, Darren answers, “Hindi ko po masagot ng yes or no kasi it was, like, parang puppy love kind of thing lang po yun.” 

Seemingly unsatisfied with Darren’s response, Boy presses further, “But there was?” to which Darren gives in and says, “Opo, before we were younger.” 

Darren then elaborates that their distant romance was what prompted Vice Ganda to tease them during Kyline’s guesting in the noontime program “It’s Showtime” on April 10, 2024. 

He says, “Yun nga po, tinutukso kami na, kasi nga, naging kami dati. Ayun po kaya kami binibiro ni Ate Vice.” 

Darren has also revealed that they lasted for almost a year, but then an eventual rough patch had dented their relationship and prompted them to take separate ways. 

Darren confesses, “[We separated] because of some misunderstanding. And then when we both matured, parang six years later, napag-usapan na namin. Eventually, we became okay with each other again at naging friends na ulit kami.

While their relationship was cut short, Darren emphasizes that they still separated on good terms. Looking back, the singer says that it ended with just petty things to blame. 

Darren Espanto speaks up about flings 

Aside from his revelation about Kyline, Darren has also spoken up about three more girls he was shipped and linked with—Jayda Avanzado, Jillian Ward, and Cassy Legaspi. 

Darren outrightly confirms having a past relationship with Jayda—and just like how his relationship with Kyline went, they also remained civil despite reaching the end of their romance. 

Answering Boy’s question if they used to go exclusively, Darren has this to say, “Opo. There’s definitely was, but yun lang ang sasabihin ko. We were still friends.”

As for his real score with Jillian Ward, Darren has kept it simple by saying that they have formed a friendship after the “Abot-Kamay na Pangarap” star guested for the “It’s Showtime” pilot episode on GMA on April 6, 2024. 

Hopeful as he is, Darren says that he looks forward to having future projects and collaborations with the Sparkle artist. 

Routing the topic to Cassy, Darren then adds a bit of a follow-up to his recent statement that he and Cassy are just best friends. 

He says, “People kind of misunderstood the whole situation, and so, I messaged. After that interview, I think there were some IG stories from Tita Carmina and Cass and they [netizens] kind of stitched it together.”

Darren says that his message was driven by an intention to clarify things out with Cassy. As he puts it, “If you’re mad at me or I did anything wrong, please tell me.” 

Darren Espanto and Cassy Legaspi
Darren Espanto, Cassy Legaspi
IMAGE: darrenespanto on Instagram

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Boy has yet again asked if there ever was romance between them, but just like how Darren initially stated, he and Cassy are just good friends made closer during the coronavirus pandemic. Details, according to Darren, would be kept just between the two of them. 

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