Dominic Roque Issues Statement On Cristy Fermin’s “Malicious And Derogatory” Statements

Dominic is just leasing the condo and is just an endorser of a gas station owned by politicians

Dominic Roque and his legal team have released a statement regarding the “malicious and derogatory” claims of veteran entertainment columnist Cristy Fermin against the actor.  

The 33-year-old actor has been hounded by controversy following his breakup with Bea Alonzo. 

The ex-couple is gearing up towards marriage when news of their separation broke across. 

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One of the rumors that comes after their split is Dominic’s alleged romantic involvement with two male politicians—Dapitan City Mayor Bullet Jalosjos and former Quezon City 4th District Representative Bong Suntay. 

The rumor was brought more closely to the public when Cristy Fermin alleged on her YouTube vlogs that Dominic’s condominium unit and gas station are owned and given by these politicians. 

Such a report made by Cristy has then prompted Dominic and his legal team—Fernandez & Singson law office—to air their concerns on Tuesday, February 20, 2024.

Dominic Roque
Dominic Roque
IMAGE: dominicroque on Instagram

The statement begins, “We strongly condemn the malicious and defamatory public statements of Ms. Fermin. These defamatory statements were made by Ms. Fermin under the guise of entertainment news without any effort from her to confirm the same from Mr. Dominic Roque.

“In her vlog, Ms. Fermin made malicious defamatory innuendos. These innuendos alluded that Mr. Dominic Roque has a benefactor who is a politician and that this politician is the owner of the condominium unit where he currently resides.” 

The document also emphasizes that such direct proclamation has caused wider public scandal across social media—with some people dragging the Dapitan City Mayor to the issue against his will. 

In defense of Dominic and the embarrassment it caused the politician, the statement also clarifies that the two are just “long-time” friends. Dominic is just leasing Bullet’s condo unit—nothing more. 

The statement also highlights that Dominic has no intimate relationship with former Congressman Bong Suntay, contrary to Cristy’s allegation in a separate vlog. More so, it says that Dominic would like to apologize to the politician for any inconvenience and embarrassment it brought forth. 

With all things considered, the statement continues, “While Mr. Roque acknowledges that as celebrities, a segment of his life is open to public discussion for being matters of general interests; specifically entertainment news. 

“However, mainstream media and independent vloggers alike are not given unbridled license in exercising free speech or freedom of the press. We have laws that exist to protect the integrity and honor of individuals against public, malicious, and defamatory statements. 

“Ms. Fermin acted outside the bounds of protected free speech and intentionally caused damage to the integrity and honor of the affected individuals.” 

Lastly, the statement clarifies that—contrary to the circulating rumor—Dominic and Bea did not fall out of their relationship over prenuptial disagreement. 

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Dominic Roque’s alleged benefactors speak up on the issue 

In refusal to be included in the false narrative, Mayor Bullet Jalosjos and former Congressman Bong Suntay have graced a YouTube interview with journalist Jay Ruiz.

For the Dapitan City mayor, he is eager to file a legal action, while he also emphasizes the need to fact-check before releasing such information. 

He says, “Sana naman itong nagkakalat ng mga… that they are claiming na mga batikang journalist, ‘no?

Sana naman, ingat-ingat din, kasi they have the responsibility to the people, na dapat fact finding.

“Hindi yung nalaman nila sa pangalan ko yung condo, sugar daddy na ako bigla, di ba? Hindi ba pwedeng ni-rent? Hindi ba pwedeng binebenta?” 

Bong, for his part, just relieves himself from tension by taking it as a humor. As he puts it, “Sinasabi ko nga sa kaibigan ko, ‘Uy, okay to ah! Nakakuha ng libreng advertisement ang Clean Fuel, oo at saka dumami yung followers ko!” 

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