Enrique Gil Admits Almost Quitting Showbiz; Why Did He Make A Comeback?

“I was just tired, I guess,” says Enrique

Enrique Gil reveals that he almost quit showbiz.

He says this in passing when he announced his latest venture as the chief marketing officer and equity partner of digital ticketing platform Ticket2Me during a media conference on Friday, July 14, at Modern Table, Capitol Commons Park, Pasig City.

During the Q&A, FreebieMNL asked Enrique about what made him consider quitting show business.

Enrique says that the idea came to him during the start of the pandemic when he was not doing any project.

He shares, “I was just tired, I guess. Maybe, during the course of the pandemic when everything was shut down, I was at home, I just realized, parang, ‘Wow, ang sarap pala ng nasa bahay ka lang [compared to] everyday work.’

“And then I realized, my sister’s older na, my mom’s getting old; I just missed it, I guess. I just realized that work is important but my family is more important.

“I gave my whole life to the whole industry, I lost a lot of time with my family, so I wanted to just keep that and I just enjoyed it too much, and made me realize a lot of things, what’s more important, more than just money and fame. That’s what—I think—moved me to that decision.”

That’s why when he decided it was time to go back, he ventured into Ticket2Me as well as his own production company to be able to leave a legacy when he decides to completely shun away from showbiz.

“That’s why I’m also making this so I don’t have to be in [front of] the camera, I can still be with my family but I’m still providing entertainment either on screen or on the stage. So it just really completes my story.”

Enrique adds that this is his way of giving back to the entertainment industry.

“It’s just me really giving back to the entertainment [industry] even if I’m not there anymore, I’m still in a way providing entertainment.

“When I eventually leave, the older I get when I sit back, I’ll still give content. Nandito pa rin ako sa entertainment industry, mararamdaman niyo pa rin ako, basically.”

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Returning to showbiz

In an interview after the Q&A, Enrique was asked why he still decided to go back despite having thoughts of quitting showbiz.

He explains, “Sabi ko, hindi ko na lang pwedeng iwanan yung entertainment industry nang wala akong iiwan man lang na legacy.

“So, sabi ko, kailangan ko man lang may iwan na legacy na kahit mawala na ako, nandun pa rin ako in a way, giving content from movies to TV series kahit hindi na ako yung artista doon but it’s my production company creating these stories or content for people to watch on the screen or maybe on the stage.

Kasi I used to perform a lot sa mga concerts ko dati. I’m getting older, so sabi ko, I’m making a point na kahit hindi na ako yung nagpe-perform, I’m still giving shows to people, not only my fans but mga fans ng mga colleagues ko in the industry [and] for international acts.”

Recently, Enrique just announced that he’ll be doing his comeback movie under Black Sheep, ANIMA Studios, and his own production company, a comedy film titled “I Am Not Big Bird.”

About Ticket2Me

Enrique also shares a little information about his newest venture, Ticket2Me.

He explains, “It’s a ticketing company, it’s the experience of the ticketing side to make it easier for all the consumers, yung ayaw nating ma-experience yung sa mga concerts.

Kasi alam ko napakahirap, I’ve experienced it, I have a lot of experiences, so for Ticket2me, I think it’s gonna be a breeze for all consumers in using our website.

“Everything’s digital—go to the website, get their ticket, wala na silang pi-pick-up-in, nasa phone na nila. Pupunta na lang sila sa venue, scan, lines will be shorter.”

In fact, Enrique had his own hassling experience when he watched a BTS concert in Hong Kong.

He shared, “I was at a BTS concert years ago sa Hong Kong. It was really hard as well, of course, getting the tickets and the whole experience of getting into the stadium, from the pila along with your ticket pupunitin nila ‘tapos ika-count pa nila. So, medyo matagal yung proseso.”

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