Jeremy G, Vivoree

How Does Jeremy G Feel About Fans Shipping Him and Vivoree?

Jeremy G admits his own composition, “BINI,” is inspired by someone

Followers of PIE Channel are shipping a new love team: ABS-CBN artists Jeremy G and Vivoree.

Jeremy G and Vivoree are hosts of PIE Channel’s daily program, “Pak na Pak! Palong Follow.” From the show, netizens were able to notice their chemistry and that they had their own shippers called JereVi.

During a recent media conference via Zoom, FreebieMNL asked Jeremy G about his thoughts on his love team with Vivoree.

Jeremy G says, “The support that me and Vivoree have gotten sa PIE, nasha-shock din kami! Nagugulat din kami minsan kasi may isang beses… kasi may live audience kami sa ‘Pak na Pak! Palong Follow’ every Friday, ‘tapos may isang beses na may mga JereVi—yun ang tawag sa tandem naminpumunta doon ta’s they bought food and everything.”

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Jeremy G is grateful for the support that the shippers have been giving them and the show itself. “We just love our fans and we love the support that’s being given to us. Not only just to me and Vivoree but to the show din mismo. So, yun, thank you so much sa mga fans, you guys keep on supporting not only the JereVi tandem but Vivoree as well, support me, and yung ibang hosts, and then the show.”

As for Vivoree, Jeremy G only has good words for his co-host.

Si Vivoree, we are friends, I love working with her. She’s so easy to work with and very caring din siya. Halata naman kahit off-cam, very caring din siya sa ibang tao. So, nakakatuwa din that I get to work with her every day.”

Jeremy Vivoree
Vivoree and Jeremy G bring kilig to JereVi fans in “Pak na Pak! Palong Follow” of PIE Channel

Jeremy G’s New Song

In March 2023, Jeremy G launched his new single entitled “BINI.” The dance-pop song, which conveys the difficulty of finding the right words to say to someone special, is also his own composition.

“BINI” is a slang term short for binibini or woman. Based on the song he wrote, how would he define his “BINI?”

He answers: “Well, in the terms of how it was put in this song, basically, a dream girl. Yun yung lagi kong sinasabi na this song is basically about that one dream girl na you think she’s so beautiful [that] you get so shy to try to approach this girl. Instead of talking to her face to face, you decide to put in a song because that’s how you express your appreciation para sa person na yun.”

Jeremy G
Jeremy G in “BINI” music video

Does this mean that Jeremy G is thinking of someone or in fact, dedicating it to his “dream girl?”

When asked about this, he first answers with a smile, “How do I put this without being showbiz…”

He then expounds, “Siyempre, aaminin ko naman [na] there’s an inspiration for this song. There’s a person naman that I wrote this [for].”

However, the “The Voice Teens” alumnus prefers to keep the girl’s identity under wraps. He explains, “For me, if that person would want to know if the song is about her, I would gladly tell her. But I would just like to keep it between me and her. Okay naman yun by using that as inspiration but in terms of disclosing who this song is specifically for, it should just be between me and that person. Yun talaga yung intention, hindi lang ngayon but pati sa ibang songs ko—if there’s an open-ended type of kwento or something that people feel should be talked about, I personally would like to just talk about it between me and that person.”

Recently, the music video for “BINI” was released. Aiah, a member of the all-girl group BINI, played the “BINI” in the music video.

Jeremy G
BINI Aiah and Jeremy G in “BINI” music video

Jeremy G’s showbiz journey

Jeremy G, whose first screen name was Jeremy Glinoga, joined “The Voice Teens” in 2017 under Sharon Cuneta’s team.

Fast forward to 2023, he now writes his songs apart from recording other singles. Before “BINI,” he also wrote his last single, “Sinayang Mo.” That’s why Jeremy G describes his journey in the music industry as a “rollercoaster.”

Jeremy G
Jeremy G recording his own composition, “Sinayang Mo.”

He explains, “I never know where music’s gonna take me. Let’s say, two years ago, if you told me na I‘ll be writing my own music, I’d be completing an album, I’ll be recording for various artists like BINI, BGYO; I wouldn’t believe it. But with the help of Star Music, with the guidance of Sir Jonathan Manalo, Sir Rox Santos, and the trust of Sir Roxy Liquigan, sobrang thankful ako and it’s overwhelming in a good way, because I never thought I’ll be able to explore this aspect of music. I thought I was just going to be just a singer and sing the songs that you gave me but instead, writing the songs that I’ll be singing and I’m also starting to write for other artists. So, nakakatuwa din yung experience.”

Jeremy G
Jeremy G in “ASAP Natin ‘To”

Aside from writing his own songs, Jeremy G is also grateful for the opportunities the network has been giving him, like hosting and performing on “ASAP.”

“It surprises me every single day because yun nga, bukod sa singing, sa songwriting, everything music, I’m also being blessed with shows for hosting naman, sa PIE Channel, ‘The Voice Kids DigiTV,’ and then ‘iWant ASAP,’ and then performing on the ‘ASAP’ stage. It’s overwhelming and I feel humbled by the trust being given to me by ABS and it just makes me want to become better in all those aspects din, e. Kasi if it wasn’t for them giving me the opportunity to do hosting, I wouldn’t have found my love to actually become a host or talk to other artists as well about their craft like I do on ‘iWant ASAP.'”

“So, it definitely opened new doors for me and I’m so thankful for those doors and hopefully, more blessings.”

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