Francine Diaz Trends After Blooper In Presenting TOMORROW X TOGETHER At Asia Star Entertainment Awards

TXT’s fans, also known as MOAs, found Francine’s blooper funny!

Francine Diaz trended on social media after slightly mispronouncing the name of the K-Pop group TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s at the inaugural Asia Star Entertainer Awards (ASEA).

The Asia Star Entertainer Awards took place in Yokohama, Japan on April 10, 2024. It marked the debut of a new awards ceremony by Newsen and star1 magazine, which is dedicated to honoring Asian artists who achieved global recognition in the past year.

Invited as a presenter for the Global K-Pop Leader Award, Francine stepped onto the stage to announce the award’s winner.

Introduced as an actress who is “most influential in the Philippines,” the Star Magic actress briefly gave the audience a brief background of herself.

“Good evening, everyone. I am Francine Diaz. I am an actress from the Philippines. For starters, it’s an honor to be invited to this awards ceremony where music becomes one,” she began. “Actually, I am an actress, model, vlogger, and a singer.”

Sharing her affection for music, Francine reminisced about her recent collaboration with South Korean actor-singer Seo In Guk.

“I’m falling in love with music too. I recently sang a duet song called ‘My Love’ with Korean top star Seo In-guk. It’s a really special experience. While watching these amazing performances, I can’t help but dream of collaborating with them in the future.”

The “Dirty Linen” star then unintentionally sparked laughter when she announced TOMORROW X TOGETHER as the winner of the Global K-Pop Leader award.

It was when she mentioned their name as “Tomorrow Times Together” instead of “Tomorrow By Together.”

Although Francine’s mistake garnered laughs from TXT’s fans and netizens online, it added a lighthearted moment to the event.

She even went live on social media to apologize for the blooper. Her fans then appreciated and honored her for being humble about the mistake.

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