Heart Evangelista Reveals Attempt To Get Pregnant Through In-Vitro Fertilization

Heart even gave her expected daughter a name

Heart Evangelista turns emotional as she opens up about losing her chances of having a baby after going through in-vitro fertilization.

Heart and husband Senator Chiz Escudero graced a two-episode interview in “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda” wherein they bared some details about their relationship, particularly the prospect of parenthood. 

In the second episode of the interview aired on March 15, 2024, Heart’s eyes welled up as she recalled what could have been a daughter. 

Heart Evangelista with Chiz Escudero
Chiz Escudero, Heart Evangelista
Screengrab from GMA Network on Instagram

Heart reveals, “We were expecting a baby. I wasn’t pregnant but I was expecting my only girl that I had left… eggs. 

“So, at that time, I thought it was… gonna make it, that she could. That was a bit hard for me because my God, hirap! So, I was really preparing for her.” 

“So, I really thought that I was gonna have a baby at the time when I felt like, with everything we went through, it’s finally gonna happen. But it didn’t.”

Despite the heavy blow on Heart, she says that she hadn’t questioned what was fated. But according to her, “It’s just sad because I thought I was gonna be able to share what I do with my last girl.”

Sen. Chiz offers the same sentiment, saying that whatever happened was God’s will. Consoling Heart even more, he says, “If it’s not now, if it’s not this, may mas maganda pang nakaplano. Hintayin na lang namin yun.” 

Heart Evangelista with Chiz Escudero
Chiz Escudero, Heart Evangelista
Screengrab from GMA Network

Heart first publicized in September 2022 her decision to undergo in-vitro fertilization in hopes of getting pregnant with Chiz.

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Heart Evangelista named her supposed daughter Sophia Heart 

There were reasons behind Heart’s tears, and much of her heartbreak was from the fact that she treated her lost egg as an actual daughter already. 

In fact, Heart reveals, “It was hard for me to accept the fact that I gave her name. I actually named her Sophia Heart. I was very excited to have her. 

In the end, Heart has appeased her own disconsolation by saying, “But I’m blessed in so many other ways. How can I complain?

“I am just sad because, of course, I was excited. But I’m not complaining. I’m not the type to complain.” 

Heart and Chiz have marked their ninth wedding anniversary through renewal of vows in Balesin Island—the same island they wed on back in February 2015. 

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