Janella Salvador Says “Tampuhan” With Star Magic’s Laurenti Dyogi Has Already Been Fixed

Janella to ABS-CBN: “I’m so thankful and glad that we did not let each other go”

Janella Salvador clarified that past wounds were already mended between her and ABS-CBN executive Laurenti Dyogi, who heads the network’s TV production and at the same time, its talent management arm Star Magic.

The 25-year-old actress renewed her ties with her home network on Friday, February 22, 2024. 

Some of the Kapamilya executives were present at the contract-signing, including ABS-CBN Chairman Mark Lopez, Chief Operating Officer for Broadcast Cory Vidanes, and Chief Executive Officer and President Carlo Katigbak. 

Also sitting alongside Janella was Direk Lauren who she had a misunderstanding in the past. The actress’s displeasure came mainly from her non-inclusion on the cover of the 2023 Star Magic catalogue. 

However, during the contract signing, Janella has cleared the air, saying that she and the Star Magic head are on good terms already. 

Janella Salvador
Janella Salvador
Screengrab from Star Magic on YouTube

Janella says, “I just have to mention it, there have been a few tampuhans here and there. I’m sure you guys are aware of that.  

“But, Direk Lauren and I actually sat down and talked about it in Milan. I had a really nice conversation with him there.”

Janella recalls getting nervous at that time, for she is scared of getting hit by the “just-be-grateful card.” However, she says that she treats the organization as a family and thus, as needed, communication must take precedence. 

She shares, “He [Direk Lauren] told me that I can talk to him any time. And that he wants me to know that I have a father in him, so I can really speak to him any time.

“At this point, I was crying ‘cause I realized that I actually don’t know how to navigate that kind of relationship. And that’s something that I will improve on.” 

Released under the supervision of Direk Lauren, the said catalogue excludes Janella from the roster of A-list celebrities on the front cover. The only part she got was an inner page dedicated to her profile.

Janella is considered a prime star of the network, having headlined several TV shows and movies, including a pivotal role in “Darna.”

At that time, Janella expressed her disappointment through a cryptic tweet, which she later confirmed through a text message sent to Dj Jhai Ho. 

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Why is Janella thankful to ABS-CBN

A huge part of Janella’s speech is about her gratitude to her home network. According to her, their ties have come a long way already—tested even more during her pregnancy with son Jude, the ABS-CBN shutdown, and the coronavirus pandemic. 

She shares, “It hasn’t exactly been a smooth journey. To be honest, it wasn’t a smooth journey—especially during the pandemic. 

“When the pandemic hit, we both had reasons and possibilities to let each other go—with the shutdown and with me getting pregnant. 

“I was getting so many… let’s just say the people around me were very scared for me. And with some people still believing that getting pregnant is career suicide and all of that, people around me were so nervous for me.  

“But I’m so thankful and glad that we did not let each other go. We’re still here. I stood up for you and you stood up for me. I’m very, very thankful for that.  Thank you for standing up for me.”

Janella Salvador
Janella Salvador
IMAGE: superjanella on Instagram

Lastly, Janella has left a self-affirming note on herself: “As artists, we go at our own pace. People love to compare and pit us against each other, but no two journeys are exactly the same.

“And as for mine, I know that there’s so much more that I want to accomplish. My work is not yet done. It’s far from over. 

“I know deep down that my story hasn’t reached its best part yet. Within the past 13 years, I have grown and learned so much, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way growing with you. 

“And I will always, always be proud to call myself a solid Kapamilya. Because you guys don’t just breed celebrities; you breed artists, you make us want to strive harder and be actors, actresses, performers. 

“And because of that, I am so proud to call myself part of this company. You make us somehow want to dream bigger.” 

Ultimately, Janella says that there’s still so much that people have to know more about her. With the contract renewal symbolizing a new milestone, she shares that it would be her goal to build a “more meaningful” future with Star Magic. 

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