Are Janella Salvador and Thai Actor Win Metawin Starring In An Upcoming Project?

They seem to be keeping details on the film under wraps

Are Janella Salvador and Thai actor Win Metawin doing a movie together? reported the speculations that they are doing a movie together, saying that “Kita Kita” director Sigrid Andrea Bernardo will helm the series.

For a time, netizens have been already talking about this collaboration. The first hint was in Win’s exclusive interview event for Lazada x Shiseido, hosted by tamagodji.

In the interview clip, Win confirmed he would collaborate with a non-Thai celebrity.

A leaked photo on June 25 fueled the speculations, seemingly confirming that Janella is the non-Thai celebrity in the project.

The story, which has since been deleted from Instagram, showed Janella and Win together with Richard Juan.

The leaked Instagram story showed Janella, Win, and Richard participating in a ceremony for good luck, traditionally conducted before shooting, to seek blessings and increase the project’s chances of success.

Janella also shared on her Instagram story a picture of her son, Jude, on a plane ride. However, she did not mention where they are off to.

image 123
Photo by Janella Salvador

However, at the same time as Janella’s upload, Richard also uploaded an Instagram story showing him going to Hong Kong.

image 122
Photo by Richard Juan

Fans also noticed that Janella has dyed her hair black. She finally bid farewell to her iconic fiery locks, possibly indicating her character’s portrayal in the movie.

Janella and Win’s respective parties have yet to confirm or share details about their upcoming project.

Banner Image Janella Salvador

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