How Did Karylle, Markki Stroem Feel About Auditioning For “The Sound Of Music?”

Karylle stresses that so-called “nepo babies” don’t get special privileges in theater

Despite their experience in the industry, actors Karylle and Markki Stroem both take pride that they went through the rigorous process of auditioning for “The Sound Of Music.”

Karylle and Markki are giving life to Baroness Elsa von Schraeder and Rolf, respectively in iconic musical “The Sound of Music,” which is currently running at the Samsung Performing Arts Theater in Circuit Makati until March 26, 2023.

Karylle: “No room for nepo babies”

In an interview ABS-CBN News, they stressed that the theater requires a different kind of discipline therefore one must be ready for more challenging roles. With that, Karylle and Stroem stressed that they have always been willing to audition for theater roles because it is “part of the theater process and culture.”

“Right now, there’s this discussion online about ‘nepo babies,’ anak ng mga artista who just get handed things on a silver platter. There’s nothing like that in the theater. You have to audition,” Karylle says.

She adds, “I know a lot of artists are afraid to audition. I’ve had auditions that have been leaked online and that is enough to traumatize one or stop her from ever auditioning again.”

While the process, according to Karylle, is both nerve-wracking and exciting it is something that she would willingly do over and over again. 

“Keep pushing”

For his part, Stroem had sent a few auditions, especially for “The Sound of Music,” which is an international project.

“Sometimes, you feel, ‘Oh my gosh.’ There’s a part of you that feels this is not going to happen. But you just have to keep pushing, dreaming and growing into becoming a better performer than you were before,” he says.

Stroem further explains, “That was what happened. I sent my first audition for ‘The Sound of Music.’ We waited for a month. Then, after that, there was a meeting. Then I sent a reel and I had to wait for a couple of weeks, then another. It was a pretty long process, a different kind of process that we are not used to here in the Philippines.”

“The Sound of Music” Gala Night

Thankfully, it became fruitful in the end for Stroem and Karylle. For them, it was both a blessing and an honor to be selected for the show.

On March 11, 2023, the two received the utmost support from friends and family for “The Sound of Music” Gala Night.

Among those who went to the gala night are Karylle’s family and friends: husband and Spongecola frontman Yael Yuzon, her mother Zsa Zsa Padilla with fiance Conrad Onglao, and “It’s Showtime” host Kim Chiu and beau Xian Lim. The Valencianos and Pangilinans were also present as led by Donny Pangilinan and director Paolo Valenciano.

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