Kim Chiu Shares Thoughts About Being In The “Perfect Love Team”

Kim: “Pag nasa isang love team ka, mas sisikat ka!”

Kim Chiu seems to know her way around showbiz—heavily backed by her understanding that success in the local entertainment industry is attained easier with the help of an on-screen tandem. 

The 33-year-old actress has graced Barbie Forteza’s YouTube segment called “Coffee Talk” wherein she gave insights about her life as an actress and her thoughts on having the “perfect love team.” 

Mid-way in a rather rowdy and fun conversation, Barbie asks Kim: “What is your opinion regarding love teams—then and now?” 

With a quick trip down memory lane, Kim recalls, “Ako naman, nagsimula ako sa isang love team, syempre as Kimerald sa ‘PBB’,” in reference to his now-defunct pairing with ex-boyfriend Gerald Anderson. 

Their chemistry was first noticed and built during their stay inside the “Pinoy Big Brother” house for the reality show’s first teen edition in 2006. 

Kim Chiu
Kim Chiu
Screengrab from Barbie Forteza on YouTube

Kim continues, “Formula talaga siya sa Philippine series or Philippine movie kasi tayong mga Filipino gustung-gusto nating ma-in love. 

“Favorite natin yun, yung makapanood ng kwento ng ano, ng ganyan. Pero yung opinyon ko is nagbago talaga ang love team ngayon kasi dati ‘di ba, kayo’t kayo lang?” 

Kim elaborates, “Yung parang kayo sa love team, kayo na sa lahat,” to which Barbie agrees with, “ah, okay, okay.” 

Discussing further, Kim says, “Ngayon pwede ka na umikot. Isa na siyang maluwag na mundo na hindi na masyadong nakatago. Kasi lahat tayo, parang natatanggap na natin na, ‘Ah pwede sila mag-pair with ibang tao.’” 

What does Kim Chiu think about being in a love team? 

Considering the influx of love teams that the Philippine showbiz has produced over the years, Kim re-echoes the fact of having it easier compared to those without on-screen pairs. 

Kim says, “Pero pag nasa isang love team ka, ako speaking as ako, as artista, hindi ko lang alam sa iba. Pero ang opinyon ko lang, pag nasa isang love team ka, mas sisikat ka.

Barbie iterates, “Mas mabilis!” to which Kim replies, “Mas mabilis kasi dalawang tao kayong magtutulungan umangat kesa sa ikaw as individual. Depende na lang.

“Aalagwa ka din pero not as super. Kaya pag nasa love team, nahanap mo yung perfect mong ka-love team, mabilis yung pag-angat mo talaga.

“Kasi parang iba yung suporta ng mga tao pag nasa love team ka, oo at saka parang iba yung tilian, sigawan.” 

Kim Chiu
Kim Chiu
IMAGE: chinitaprincess on Instagram

Giving an example on the thought, Kim says that even the slightest touch between pairs will already cause too much excitement from fans—especially now that celebrity clips are made available on TikTok and other content-sharing platforms.

In conclusion, Kim feels that today’s generation of love teams have it easier compared to before, given the massive reception of fans brought by the advent of digital platforms. 

Napakarami na ng may Facebook, TikTok. Dati kasi sa movie and teleserye lang mapapanood. Wala talagang any updates.  So ngayon ang bilis mo nang pumasok sa fandom,” she says. 

All in all, Kim thinks that being in a love team is just as beneficial for the two parties, especially if the pairing is well-received by fans. 

Kim has been in different love teams in the past—the most recent of which is with her ex-boyfriend Xian Lim, which is called KimXi.

Following their breakup in December 2023, Kim is currently up for another pairing—this time, with Paulo Avelino for the Philippine remake of “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.” Together, they are called KimPau.

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