Kris Aquino Clears Relationship Status As She Continues To Recover From Illness

Kris reiterated that she is “NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP”

Kris Aquino updated her fans on Instagram on October 3 about her current relationship status and health condition.

She began by affirming her current relationship status, stating, “I AM NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP.”

Kris emphasized that she and the unnamed individual no longer communicate, and she and her sons now experience a greater sense of peace.

Kris, however, chose to withhold specific details, citing her respect for privacy and the other party’s privacy.

She wrote, “We no longer communicate, and my sons and I feel more PEACEFUL. No details because I value my privacy and respect his, and I chose to only give the FACTS that should be addressed.

“Again, THANK YOU for your compassion to keep me & my family in your thoughts and prayers,”

It may be noted that Kris’ last reported relationship was with Batangas Governor Mark Leviste. However, she has decide to break up with him.

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Photo by Mark Leviste

According to Kris, the break-up stemmed from the challenges of a long-distance relationship. She also recognized Mark’s commitment to fulfilling his aspirations and responsibilities to his constituents.

Kris previously shared, “Sadly, I’m in the battle of my life precisely because I’m doing all I can to save my life because my 2 sons still need me.”

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Kris Aquino and her health update

Meanwhile, in her latest Instagram post, Kris shared some news about her improving health.

She wrote, “I don’t have my complete blood panel results yet BUT GUMANDA my inflammatory numbers…

“I don’t know what good I did but I know I’m surviving all the side effects of methotrexate and my biological injectable because God is listening to all your prayers for my healing.

Kris is currently in the United States for her treatment.

Lastly, Kris expressed hope for remission in the next few months.

She said in her caption, “Praying more that in 18 to 20 months I’ll reach remission and after 6 months I’ll have my doctors’ clearances and we can go home. I miss my sisters, my cousins, my PH doctors, my close friends, and of course all of you… It’s already been 16 months.”

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