Kris Aquino Reveals Wanting To Cut Off Ties With Mark Leviste

She already unfollowed him on Instagram!

The phrase “Out of sight, out of mind” is when you forget a person when he is not around.

Can people now safely say that this is actually what’s happening to Kris Aquino with her “present,” Vice Governor Mark Leviste?

The controversial host-actress, who has been on hiatus because of her autoimmune disease, is still making news every time she posts something—an update of her life, a simple message or quote, and most especially a revelation just like her recent Instagram story.

Kris announced on her social media that she wanted to call it quits and stop communicating with Mark, the constant man in her life for the past years.

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It is known to the public that Mark, whose name is really spelled Marc as Kris mentioned in a past post, has been patiently and lovingly visiting Kris in the U.S. every time he can find time to be with her, whether it may be for a special occasion or none at all.

It was also around the summer of 2023 in the Philippines when they became more official with their relationship.  

But a few months later, Kris hinted on Instagram that she had broken up with him. However, Mark successfully wooed Kris again.  

But with the recent love life update of Kris on her Instagram story on the first day of September—is this really the end?

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Kris Aquino’s truth

Kris uploaded a series of Instagram stories with ‘My Truth,’ ‘Part 1,’ and “The End,’ as captions to the screenshots of her conversation with Mark.

It goes, “Marc, aren’t you tired of the unanswered messages? It took me 2 weeks & a half to feel that I no longer really feel the need to keep communication lines open with you. Whatever is going on in my life or in yours, parang nawala na the desire for me to know what’s happening with you or for me to keep you informed.

“I haven’t been influenced by anyone—it’s just that I’ve fallen back to my pattern of reading a new book every 2-3 days, reading NYT, and the magazines I like, and coping with the hardships my body must endure.

“I want to remain polite but this is really what happens when we are so far from each other—people really do grow apart. Thank you for keeping in touch BUT I’d really prefer if you don’t. It’s really a lot more peaceful now. And that’s always been my prayer. Serenity & Peace.”

Kris also shared a short part of Mark’s replied to her long chat.

The Vice Governor told her, “I don’t know exactly how to respond to your message, but in my heart and in my head, I….”

Along with her love life updates, Kris also shared an update on her ongoing treatment in the U.S. and how severe the pain she is enduring every time she is given the chemotherapy medication.

With all these, Kris informed her followers that she was hit with the reality of an LDR (long-distance relationship) and that all she wants now is a peaceful healing life.

She continued, “Was I asking for too much when I asked for our relationship to stay private? Mahirap ang pinagdaanan ko—I don’t wish this on anybody… It’s 11 PM here, Thursday night, Tuesday afternoon my dosage for methotrexate (my chemotherapy medication being used as an immunopressant to help treat my 3 life threatening autoimmune disorders) was increased.

“I’ve barely slept since then because sobrang sakit ng buong katawan hanggang sa buto na mismo. I try not to cry in front of kuya & bimb but I couldn’t stop my tears.

“To all who are undergoing chemotherapy now—bilib na bilib ako sa tapang niyo. Sa mga naka-graduate and okay na ngayon, you are my inspiration. Pasensya na po, I’ve been so careful about staying ‘private’—I never posted details… ang problema, nagising ako sa katotohanan na kung talagang minahal ako, at alam na sumuko na ko sa LDR, bakit hindi kinayang ibigay yung katahimikan na kailangan ko for my emotional wellness, lessened anxiety, and any chance for a peaceful healing journey?”

More recently, it was reported that Kris has already unfollowed Mark on Instagram.

Words Tamar Ysabel
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