Pop Star Lizzo Now Facing Several Harassment Suits 

Harassment suits against Lizzo came as a shocker to many

Three of Lizzo’s former dancers have filed a lawsuit against her; her production company, Big Grrrl Big Touring, Inc. (BGBT); and dance captain Shirlene Quigley. 

The dancers, Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez, allege sexual, religious, and racial harassment, disability discrimination, assault, and false imprisonment.

Following the announcement of the lawsuit on August 1, 2023, some of Lizzo’s former tour collaborators have shared support for the accusers, as well as their own experiences.

At least six more collaborators have since shared allegations with lawyers, including Sophia Nahli Allison, the singer’s ex-director from her 2019 documentary.

Details of Lizzo’s Lawsuit

The dancers claim that while on tour Lizzo invited them to a nude performance club in Amsterdam and that they only went “out of fear of losing their jobs.”

While there, the lawsuit also claims that Lizzo “began leading a chant” to get Arianna to touch one of the performer’s breasts. “Ms. Davis said three times, loud enough for all to hear, ‘I’m good,’ expressing her desire not to touch the performer,” the lawsuit states. 

“Davis eventually acquiesced, fearing it may harm her future on the team.” 

Later that night, they allege Lizzo “badgered a member of her security team to get on stage where she pulled down his pants and hit him with whips.” 

The next week, the plaintiffs say Lizzo took her dance team out without telling them they were going only to end up in a “nude cabaret bar” in Paris.

The lawsuit also alleges mistreatment from BGBT toward the dancers. “BGBT’s management team consisted entirely of white Europeans who often accused the Black members of the dance team of being lazy, unprofessional, and having bad attitudes,” the lawsuit states.

Additionally, Arianna describes being fat-shamed by Lizzo and choreographer Tanisha Scott. “Lizzo and Ms. Scott pressed Ms. Davis for an explanation why she seemed less bubbly and vivacious than she did prior to the tour starting,” the lawsuit says.

Arianna was later fired for taping a meeting.

Accusations against Lizzo came as a shocker to many as she has claimed to be a victim of fat shaming and racism herself.

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Additional allegations 

Lawyers representing three of Lizzo’s former dancers said they are looking into new allegations against the pop star made by at least half a dozen people who said they toured with Lizzo or worked on her reality show, “Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls.” 

According to one of the plaintiff’s attorneys, Ron Zambrano, the three ladies’ move “opened the doors for others to feel empowered to do the same.”

He says that some of the other claims that they are currently reviewing involve allegations of a sexually charged environment and failure to pay employees.

Lizzo has already hired Marty Singer, the lawyer who has worked on recent cases against Jonah Hill, Johnny Depp, Bill Cosby, and more to represent her.

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