Marian Rivera, Heart Evangelista Follow Each Other On Instagram

It’s been 12 years since Heart and Marian worked with each other!

Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista seemed to have found their ways back to friendship, as they finally followed each other on Instagram. 

While this may look nothing surprising given that they are both from GMA-7, it is considered a point for celebration since Marian and Heart had little to no encounter at all in the past years. 

Heart Evangelista follows Marian Rivera
Marian Rivera follows Heart Evangelista

Their last project was “Temptation Island,” which was released in 2011.

However, the two reportedly got into a feud on the set of the movie, with the reason remaining to be undisclosed.

Since then, Marian and Heart never really bonded with each other, or at least, worked on the same project except for a few appearances in events such as the tribute for Comedy King Dolphy in 2012, where they were reported to have reconciled.

While the reason for their sudden indifference was not disclosed at all, their out-of-the-blue reconnection hinted that the two might have finally patched things up. 

In a report by GMA Entertainment, it is revealed by a reliable source that the two stars have been “in touch in private” and are taking things in stride. Sooner or later, a face-to-face meeting to “reconnect” is likely. 

Such is possible since, according to the source, their “super close friends” are helping and supporting them. 

Heart had a busy October amid the Milan Fashion Week, while Marian is set to banner the film “Rewind” with husband Dingdong Dantes. 

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