Meet The Artists Of New Record Label Viral Records

The music label introduced a set of soloists and bands!

The Philippine music scene is a melting pot of diverse talents. Such a claim is true especially now that left and right, musical acts are introduced by different entertainment agencies in the local setting. 

Adding just another set of go-tos for the Filipino music enthusiasts, Viral Records has launched a new roster of singing talents in hopes of realizing their goal of giving opportunities, creating safe spaces, and championing local artists.

Ready to dominate the Philippine music landscape and hopefully beyond, here are some of the acts that Filipino fans must watch out for. 


LIRICO, one of the Viral Records artists

Lirico is a three-member band dreamed and persevered by two visionaries: Lino and RJ. While they’ve been in the music industry for quite a long time already, they felt that there was still a missing piece in their musical endeavors. . 

Realizing that gaps must be closed from one generation to another, they decided to find a third member, a dreamer no less, in the flesh of a 19-year-old budding artist, Nicole. 

Lino, RJ, and Nicole share a common ground. All three of them come from a music-oriented upbringing, and so, growing up, they were introduced to karaokes that then allowed them to explore a selection of interests in music. 

Drawing inspiration from Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Eminem to local artists such as Regine Velasquez and Nina, the band is able to experiment with multiple genres. Now, LIRICO knows its disposition, and it would not take long before they made headlines one way or another.  


Chandler, one of the Viral Records artists

Chandler discovered his love for music when his younger self used to frequent a recording studio. From there, the now 21-year-old musician has developed a fond musical inclination, rooted mainly from his family’s influences. 

Having to grow up in an almost polarizing musical environment, Chandler was able to build his taste and get inspiration from the music of Juan Karlos, Zack Tabdlo, Arthur Nery, Bruno Mars, and Frank Sinatra. 

That’s just for the melody. For the lyrics, Chandler is more meticulous, more personal even, that his words are from his raw emotions. Just as much, another factor that drives Chandler to write is the experiences and life stories told and retold by his friends. 


Isaiah, one of the Viral Records artists

Isaiah looks at music a bit differently than others. For him, music precedes the conventional connotation of being a hobby, a career, or an art. It calls to him and he complies more to it as a lifestyle rather than anything else. 

A trip down memory lane and it would reveal that Isaiah had his turning point back when his cousin took him to a rap battle. Amazed by how the crowds cheered for the performers, he knew that he wanted to do the same. 

However, his first attempt to write came off as a failure due to lack of inspiration. But when he reached ninth grade, his heartbreak had propelled him to finish an entire song. 

Now, this artist basks in the glory of all his experience—be it good or bad—to produce songs that someday might be heard on a wider, bigger platform.


Jefn, one of the Viral Records artists

Efficiency is the core Jefn’s musical process. He gets inspired, he takes out his pen to write, he builds beats, and identifies the instruments. Pretty organized, if one comes to think of it. 

However, he reveals a dynamic approach to music production—with one process coming after or before the other, every time he’s on it. 

As for him, “Having learned the basics of music production and how to play instruments on YouTube, I usually visualize the complete package of the song already.”

At a young age, Jefn had various musical influences; the range spans to power ballads of Celine Dion to the enigmatic vibes felt commonly from the songs of Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy.

With dire need to share his talent and experiences, Jefn vows to pursue his craft with almost art at the center of it. Be it with the help of visual artists, painters, sculptors, and more, he pledges to share his all.

Top Notch 

Top Notch, one of the Viral Records artists
Top Notch

Top Notch was born raw, and the school walls are their first audience. It was as if no one saw it coming—until one student picked up a guitar, the other one dropped beats, and the rest followed. Before they knew it, they  were singing in the chorus. 

That’s how Top Notch came to be; born from a random session of Dominic, Johann, Lawrence, and Richard. They progressed as a band pretty quickly, as in the ensuing year, they were able to land live performances.

As the name suggests, Top Notch speaks of its ambition to exercise excellence in any way possible. Thus their craft is anchored heavily on reaching their potential and being an influence to others to do the same. 


Akashita, one of the Viral Records artists

Akashita is a culmination of four individuals backed and driven by their diverse musical experiences. Composed of Asher, JP, Ramon, and Raven, the band has progressed into a band inspired mainly by their family and friends who revere music just as much. 

What sets them apart from other bands is they all take turns being the lead singers—and so, it creates an opportunity to express their unique styles whenever they perform. 

Acknowledging the dynamics of the industry, they all then agree that, “Musicians evolve over time. We know we are going to change eventually, so why stick to just one genre now? “ 

Their will to harness unique musical experiences are streamlined, more profound, be it in a quick key change, chord progression, or fusion of genres subtly placed within their music for fans and curious minds to discover. 


Noodlez, one of the Viral Records artists

The year is 2007; JP, Kelvs, and former group mates were practicing for their first performance in Nueva Ecija. Later on, they came to be known as Noodlez, inspired by a popular instant noodle they were eating at that moment. 

What initially came as a goofy name was then referred deeper as a lucky charm, having been able to win every competition they participated in. In the ensuing year, they landed a five-year contract.

However, just when they thought that all things were falling into place accordingly, their trajectory had a debacle—a scamming controversy led to their eventual fallout. 

JP and Kelvs’ hiatus spanned over a decade until one morning, an epiphany occurred to them. Driven by their love for music and their will to return, they worked to revive the group—now with new members, Daniel and Pipz. 

With their diverse musical upbringing forming one tight band, Noodlez would surely dent the industry with their craft. 

Viral Records 

Viral Records was born out of an ambition of three founding figures, Cons, Patsy, and Raven. With their dream to give opportunities, create safe spaces, and champion local artists, they venture into curating artists able to tell meaningful and impactful stories. 

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