Amazon Studio’s ‘Good Omens 2’ begins production

Here’s a treat for fans out there: Amazon Studio’s hit fantasy comedy series, Good Omens, has officially begun production for its sophomore season. Award-winning British actors Michael Sheen of Quiz fame and David Tennant from Doctor Who will be reprising their roles as the angel Aziraphale and demon Crowley, respectively.

Aside from the veteran pair, Amazon said that several key cast members from the show’s maiden season are returning for season 2, with some of them are said to be playing new characters.

To the delight of fans worldwide, the author of the books on which the show is based, Neil Gaiman will still serve as an executive producer and will co-show run along with executive producer Douglas Mackinnon, who will also return to direct. 

“I am so happy to be back here on the streets of Soho, watching, every day, the glorious performances of Michael Sheen and David Tennant,” Gaiman said. “I miss having Terry Pratchett’s genius, but it does feel like we are still all walking around inside his head. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have the brilliant John Finnemore co-write this season’s story shenanigans with me, and to work with the director and my co-showrunner Douglas Mackinnon as he steers the ship, along with our astonishing crew, who have returned to do it again. 

The acclaimed author continued: “In this season we get to have new adventures with old friends, to solve some extremely mysterious mysteries, and we encounter some entirely new humans (living, dead, and otherwise), angels, and demons. We were lucky in the first season to have so many outstanding actors taking part, so I took pleasure in inviting people back, wherever we could, some in the roles they played originally, some in new parts written just for them.”

Amazon Studios have yet to announce when Good Omens 2 will drop on the content streaming platform worldwide. Given how the book author himself is part of the project, fans can expect great things from the show though.

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