Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey Arrive in Ireland to Start Filming Enchanted 2

It’s official! The filming for the anticipated Enchanted sequel, Disenchanted, is finally starting!

Amy Adams, who played our beloved Giselle in the first movie, has officially touched down in Ireland where they will be filming the second installation of the Disney favorite. In a recent Instagram video she shared on her account, she casually mentioned the development. 

“I am in Ireland, where I’m getting ready to start filming on the sequel to Enchanted, which I am very excited about,” she said to the camera. Adams said that she’ll talk more about the sequel at another time since the video was about her involvement with Foster Care month this May.


Adams isn’t the only one who’s getting back to work, though. Giselle’s one true love has also been confirmed to be on location already as well!

Patrick Dempsey is also currently in Ireland, and we can only assume he’s there to film for Disenchanted as well. Dempsey, who played Giselle’s cynical love interest Robert in the first movie, seems to be very thrilled about being in Ireland. In fact, he’s already posted a series of photos and videos of the beautiful countryside on his Instagram account. 


The sequel has been confirmed over a decade ago, but it has hit several speedbumps delaying it since then. So, it’s great to see that we’ll probably get to see the movie soon with filming finally starting. 

Disenchanted will be set 10 years after where Enchanted left off. The sequel will reportedly be about Giselle questioning whether she’s truly happy with her life in the real world. 

Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey Arrive in Ireland to Start Filming Enchanted 2

Adams and Dempsey aren’t the only familiar faces that we will be seeing, though! While there are still no reports of them joining filming soon, Idina Menzel and James Marsden, who played Nancy and Prince Edward respectively, are already confirmed to return for Disenchanted as well.


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