Comedies On Netflix That Will Make You Laugh

Need a laugh? Don’t worry, Netflix is by our side every weekend. When we need a bit of cheering up, or just a moment to de-stress, there are a couple films out on Netflix that can do the job.

We’ve picked out a diverse set of comedies for you to try, so don’t be afraid to watch things out of your comfort zone!

3 Idiots (2009)

Considerably a life-changing film, 3 Idiots is abundant in heartfelt laughs, memorable quotes, and maybe even some tears.  The coming-of-age Bollywood film shows the journey of three best friends in the highly pressurized environment of engineering college. As years pass, and they part, two of the misfits soon reunite in search of their third buddy. While Bollywood is uncharted territory for some people, we mean it when we say give this film a chance! You surely won’t regret it. 

Four Sisters and a Wedding (2013)

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Photo from Netflix

The star-studded cast of Four Sisters and a Wedding has successfully made the film a Filipino classic in its own right; Teddie, Bobbie, Alex, and Gabbie are four sisters trying to stop the wedding of their youngest brother, CJ. Audiences can expect the comedy to bring on a load of laughter and good old hijinks.

The Interview (2014)

Photo from Cinema Blend

Seasoned actors Seth Rogen and James Franco helm this political action film in what can only be described as classic Rogen and Franco comedy. The two play as undercover journalists on a mission to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. While the film does deliver in political satire and utmost ridiculousness, it definitely pushed the buttons of the well-known dictator, as The Interview was cancelled for theatrical release across the US in fear of a nuclear attack.

Extreme Job (2019)

extreme job e1556638098320 700x341 1
Photo from Netflix

Currently the second most watched film in South Korean film history, Extreme Job had audiences laughing out loud with its hilarious plot and goofball antics. The film revolves around a dysfunctional group of narcotics detectives attempting to capture an international drug gang by going undercover. Their plan eventually leads them to set up a chicken shop and, well, the rest you’ll just have to watch.

The Mitchells vs. the Machines (2021)

210430 the mitchells vs the machines ew 125p
Photo from Netflix

Strap in for a surprisingly funny treat! Though The Mitchells vs. the Machines looks like it’s marketed for a younger audience, viewers will find that its message about family, technology, and personal identity are unexpectedly universal. The film follows a very wonky family caught up in the middle of a robot invasion. Its light jokes and enjoyable plot make it the perfect film to watch with the fam on the weekend.

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