Pearl Next Door is the Quarantine GL Web Series We’ve Been Waiting For

Many creators have been using their quarantine to produce new works for others to enjoy while in isolation. Surprisingly, one of the things this has led to is a surge of Filipino LGBTQ web series, such as Gaya Sa Pelikula and Boys Lockdown. One of the latest that has graced our laptop screens is Pearl Next Door, the girls’ love (GL) comedy web series that we’ve been missing. 

Pearl Next Door is a spinoff of the successful BL web series, Gameboys, and is directed by the same director, Andrew Payawal.

The show follows Pearl (Adrianna So), who was the designated hypewoman and go-to friend for love advice for the protagonists in Gameboys, and her romantic struggles. She finds herself caught between her best friend that she’s in love with and a girl from her childhood who comes back into her life. Pearl Next Door also shows us Pearl’s experiences, thoughts, and interactions with other characters through things she jots down on her notes app, social media posts, the vlogs she records, video calls, online messages, and more. 

It’s great to finally see more local GL content because while we are kind of seeing a rise in Filipino LGBTQ narratives on our screens, only a small percentage of them are stories about queer women. The fact that it puts Pearl, a secondary female character in Gameboys, in the spotlight also highlights how women in these media deserve to have their stories told too. 

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As we learn more about Pearl, her love life, and her sexuality, we see that she is so much more than a supporting cast member and that stories about queer women can be every bit as exciting, heartwarming, and binge-worthy as the ones we see in BL series. 

There are only a few episodes out as of writing, but so far, the web series’ refreshing humor, compelling portrayal of finding love during quarantine, gripping love triangle, and talented actors is making for a great must-watch. 

You can watch all episodes of Pearl Next Door on The IdeaFirst Company’s YouTube channel. New episodes come out every Friday AT 9PM.


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