Season 3 of Netflix’s YOU is just around the corner, and a baby is brought into the mix.  

Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti are back to reprise their roles as Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn in the Netflix psychological thriller series. At the end of the second season of YOU, viewers were left speculating about what could happen next, especially with a baby along the way. While waiting for the new episodes to drop on October 15, fan theories sprung up about how Season 3 will go down.

Joe is not the father of the baby

While the Season 2 finale showed a pregnant Love and Joe moving into a new neighborhood, fans think he isn’t the baby’s father. “Since Love is a professional liar, what if the baby is actually Milo’s, and her saying she told him to use protection is just an excuse for Joe to stay with her,” the tweet read. Another theory is that she faked the pregnancy and kidnapped a baby to keep up with her lies.  

The Best Fan Theories for YOU Season 3
Photo: Netflix/YOU

Love becomes the main character

Fans have come to adore Pedretti and would love to see her take the lead this time around. Love is known to be just as crazy as Joe (maybe even crazier), so it’s not farfetched that she becomes the main character in Season 3. “She’s certainly set up to have very much her own story moving forward,” said showrunner Sera Gamble on US Magazine.

Photo: Netflix/YOU

Joe gets exposed and pays for his crimes

“Joe needs Justice, but what does that mean? Does that mean prison? Does that mean death? I don’t know,” Badgley teases on Entertainment Tonight. If death isn’t the consequence, either someone from the past will reappear and expose him. Arrows are pointing towards Ellie, Delilah’s younger sister, whom he confessed to about his murders, or Will Bettelheim, a surviving captive of the glass box.

Photo: Netflix/YOU

Love ends up killing Joe

It was previously revealed that Love was once married, but her husband James (Daniel Durant) died of a mysterious illness. Fans suspect that she slowly poisoned him with the food she made, so she probably wouldn’t hesitate to do the same to Joe. In an interview with Elite Daily, Badgley mentioned that his character is afraid of Love. “Basically, it’s set up for Season 3 in a way where they would be each other’s arch-nemesis.”

Photo: Netflix/YOU

Everyone is dying to watch Season 3 and finally get answers. For now, fans can speculate all they want.


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