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6 Podcasts That’ll Keep Your Mind Sharp While Staying at Home

Podcasts may just be the easiest way to learn new things. Quarantine has been requiring us to stare at screens more than ever, from the endless stream of breaking news updates to the daily online meetings and classes. It’s hard to not feel like our minds are getting dull after hours just sitting in front of the computer and associating the things we learn with the routine of life in isolation. 

So, listening to podcasts can be a relaxing yet productive break from all that. Here are some shows that explore and dissect various topics in entertaining and easy-to-digest ways that won’t feel too overwhelming. Just put one of these podcasts on while you’re doing chores, working out, or even when you’re just resting your eyes from all that screen time.


Radiolab | Podcast on Spotify

This podcast combines compelling stories and immersive musical scores and sound effects in their investigations of a wide array of topics, may it be features of people whose lives we can learn from to insights into current events. Each episode is guaranteed to keep your mind active and celebrate curiosity. 


Endslate: a Movie, TV and Streaming Podcast | Podcast on Spotify

If you love learning about pop culture, particularly movies and TV shows, this is the podcast for you. Give it a listen to learn more about films and series through the hosts’ insightful, but still casual and laidback, discussions, critiques, and commentary about them.

Philosophize This!

Philosophize This! | Podcast on Spotify

Philosophy is something we can all benefit from learning more about, and this podcast is a great way to do it without having to endure boring textbook definitions and pretentious debates. This is perfect for beginners who want to delve into the ideas that shaped the world as it is today.


Ologies with Alie Ward | Podcast on Spotify

Alie Ward invites guests to discuss the different nuances of the specific “-ology” that they’re an expert in. There are over 150 episodes, and you can start anywhere depending on what topic catches your eye, whether its Classical Archaeology (an episode about ancient Rome) or Potterology (an episode about the science of the magic in Harry Potter).

99% Invisible

99% Invisible | Podcast on Spotify

99% Invisible examines the background and design process of things we usually don’t think twice about. This includes a discussion of design’s role in architecture and traditional art but also in areas like fashion, food, data, and technology.

Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know | Podcast on Spotify

Each episode brings in-depth conversations about the histories and details of a totally random topic. With hundreds of episodes available, the hosts are bound to have covered several subjects you may want to learn more about. The things they talk about range from historical figures, current events, and social phenomena to food or how everyday objects work.

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