Asia not Included in Lorde’s Solar Power Tour 2022

The reception to Lorde’s “Solar Power” was phenomenal and fans are glad she’s back from her four-year hiatus. Following the release of her single, the prettier Jesus has expressed her gratitude for the sweet vibes and has dropped more good news. We now have more details on her third album, tour dates for the Solar Power Tour, and her efforts to minimize her carbon footprint.

Track List and CD-less Album

The third album also called “Solar Power” comes out on August 20 and contains 12 songs and 2 bonus tracks. It’s available for preorder on major streaming platforms, as well as a limited vinyl format. As part of Lorde’s commitment to becoming more eco-conscious, she won’t be producing CDs and offers a music box as an alternative.

Asia not Included in Lorde's Solar Power Tour 2022
Photo: Lorde/Universal Music

The Solar Power Tour

The Solar Power Tour starts in 2022 and is moving away from the big arenas. Fans can expect a more intimate musical experience as Lorde opts to perform in theatres and green fields. Pre-sale for tickets in the UK, Europe, and North America starts on June 24, while New Zealand and Australia start on June 30. To beat the scalpers to it, you can sign up to the mailing list to get access to the special email-only code.

Lorde told Billboard that they’re minimizing the carbon footprint for the Solar Power Tour. Regarding the impact on the environment, she acknowledges there’s always room for improvement. “We are for sure putting plans in place to do what we can there.” Artists like Coldplay have put their touring on hold while they figure out how to go about it sustainably.


The first stop for the tour will be her home country, New Zealand, in February. She’ll then be making her way to North America by April, and ending the European tour in Berlin, Germany in June. Unfortunately, there has been no mention of Asian tour dates, so we’ll have to wait for invites to the dance party.

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