Girl from ‘God’s Plan’ Music Video Finishes Master’s with Drake’s Help

All the way back in early 2018, when bars and clubs were still a thing, we’d often hear one of Drake’s hit songs, “God’s Plan,” playing over the speakers. At the time, the song was huge, particularly because of its very unique video.

Drake made headlines around the world with his “God’s Plan” music video, which showcased him donating the entire video budget (almost $1 million) to various causes in the Miami community.

From paying for people’s groceries to paying off student debt, Drake touched the hearts of many fans across the world.

Now, three years later, one of the recipients in the “God’s Plan” video was able to show the results of Drake’s generous donations. Destiny James, a student who was surprised by a $50,000 scholarship from the rapper himself, was recently able to finish off her master’s degree in public health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Recalling the fateful moment, James told Buzzfeed, “I was in complete shock! The reaction show in the ‘God’s Plan’ video was 100% authentic.”

Girl from ‘God’s Plan’ Music Video Finishes Master’s with Drake’s Help
Photo from @mentnelson/Twitter

She remembered crying and screaming out of happiness, with the rapper nearby to offer words of encouragement. “He told me that he had read my story, was proud of me, and that he wanted to give me $50,000 towards my education…It was mind-blowing, to say the least.”

James recently posted a picture on Instagram to mark her big day, captioning it, “Mama, I mastered it. Daddy, I did it. 4 days until I am officially UNC Alum.”

The “God’s Plan” rapper didn’t seem to forget the recipient of his good deed, as he eagerly commented, “LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DES.”


He further went on to message the new graduate to let her know how proud he was of her. “It’s always a great feeling to hear from him and know that he’s keeping up with what I’m doing. He’s so genuine and it shines through every message!” she detailed.

James completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Miami in 2019, where she later went on to graduate school at the University of North Carolina where she has now obtained her master’s in public health. You go, girl!


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