H.E.R. Wants To Collaborate With Ben&Ben

Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter H.E.R., who’s always been proud of her Filipino roots, expressed her desire to visit the Philippines again and possibly collaborate with other Filipino artists.

Ben&Ben recently had the chance to interview the 23-year-old R&B singer and asked her about her first record and album cover. “Music and art and expression is all about imperfection, it’s all about what we truly feel, that authenticity. I think for a second we kinda lost that,” H.E.R. said.

“I really wanted to go against the grain and not be what people think that the ‘full package’ should be, what the mold is for an artist, for a Black and Filipino artist. I really wanted to get away from that and have people focus on the message,” she added.

Ben&Ben replied, “It feels so surreal to be talking to you right now ’cause we’ve been inspired by stuff that you create and hearing you say that here, now, it’s so inspiring. So thank you so much.”

Much to their surprise, H.E.R. invited them to do a music collaboration. “Aww, thank you. I’m so happy to be speaking with you guys. We’ve got to collaborate on something, I’ve gotta hear some music, come to the Philippines.

Other collaborations

Aside from Ben&Ben, H.E.R. mentioned another Filipino artist she’d like to collaborate with.

Ben&Ben asked, “You mentioned something earlier about a collaboration. Well, not us in particular, but then, it might be a stretch. But someday, would you be open to collaborating with a Filipino artist?”

H.E.R. said that she’s actually already talked to Apl.de.ap. about working together. “Absolutely! Honestly, me and Apl.de.ap. [of the] Black Eyed Peas, we talk about collaborating all the time. I absolutely wanna write some Tagalog songs as well. And hopefully that will happen soon and I’ll be able to come to the Philippines and perform it,” she said.

We’d love to see these collaborations come to life! Watch the full interview here.

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