Taylor Swift Sends Frontline Nurse A Box Of Gifts With A Handwritten Note

American flight nurse Britta Thomason received gifts and a handwritten note from Taylor Swift after mentioning in an interview for a local newspaper that she was a Swiftie. The package contained shirts, tumblers, guitar picks, candles, and more. “Don’t mind me… I’ll be crying the rest of the day. Taylor, thank you,” Britta said.

Taylor Swift Sends Frontline Nurse A Box Of Gifts With A Handwritten Note
Photos: Instagram/brittathomason, Instagram/taylorswift

True passion

Britta, who hails from Dublin, Georgia, leads the Air Evac Lifeteam and has been given the “Flight Nurse of the Year” recognition at work. In an interview with The Telegraph, she talked about her experiences as a flight nurse and what inspired her to become one. “Working in the ER, you always see flight crews come in and I respected them so much, what they did, where they did it and how they did their job.”

“I just had such an appreciation for the environment that they did their job in; being in a helicopter a couple thousand feet in the air and the impact they could make on a patient’s life. They could make all the difference between life and death of a patient in just that short amount of time,” she said.

She also gave advice to aspiring nurses, saying, “If you don’t have a passion, a true passion for helping people, then don’t go into it. But if you do, then it’s the most rewarding thing in the world, because essentially that’s what you get to do every day of your life: help people.”

Swiftie surprise

When asked about the things she does outside of work, she mentioned her love for Taylor. “I love Taylor Swift. I am a Swiftie. I won’t deny it.”

A few weeks later, Britta received a sweet surprise at work when she found out that Taylor had sent a big box of gifts and a handwritten note personally addressed to her. Britta shared a video of her unboxing the package and photos of what’s inside.

“This showed up at work today! I’ve always seen videos of her fans opening packages she sent them but never did I EVER think I would be one of them! I’m not one to fangirl about anything, but if you know me, you know I’m a Swiftie,” she said.

Taylor’s handwritten note to Britta read: “Dear Britta, I wanted to write to you and personally thank you for serving on the front lines of this pandemic and for being brave enough to put yourself in danger to help others. I am so inspired by your passion for helping and caring for your patients, and I was so touched that you mentioned liking my music recently!”

“I’ve sent you some cozy clothes for when you’re off duty,” Taylor continued, adding a smiley face. “I’ll be thinking about you, and forever grateful! Love, Taylor.”

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