#MyKwentongJollibee Returns With Two Real-Life Stories About Feel-Good Romance

#MyKwentongJollibee features real-life couples and their real-life journey to love

Jollibee has recently unveiled two real-life short films about joyful love as part of the  #MyKwentongJollibee campaign, which aims to bring feel-good emotions every Valentine’s Day.  

The Philippine-based fast-food chain held an exclusive viewing party for media, bloggers, and content creators on February 12, 2024 at Bonifacio High Street Cinema. 

The advanced screening showcased two new short films titled “30 Dates” and “To Love Again” directed by award-winning filmmaker Paolo Villaluna. 

For this year, the stories are based on real-life narratives of couples, ultimately focusing on their pursuit of joy and true love. 

“30 Dates” 

The short film “30 Dates” revolves around two hearts—Kristian Lasat and Coleen Borero—who came to know each other as polar opposites. The boy hopes to build his life around a family to settle, while Coleen only views real love as a thing that only exists in television and films. 

Now that Coleen is celebrating her birth month, Kristian thought of a meaningful way to celebrate it: Treat Coleen to Jollibee for 30 consecutive days. 

As their hearts grow fonder with each other every passing day, Coleen finds herself falling for the man and realizing that the magic of love transcends the boundaries of screens. 

Watch “30 Dates” here:

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“To Love Again” 

The story follows a certain Hazel Peralta who was once blinded by the thought that she had it all at 21. After becoming a mother at an early age and parting ways with the father of the kid, Hazel then believes that love is not for her. 

Now working full-time as a Jollibee crew, Hazel dedicates most of her time and effort to her son. But all changed when Ronald Pesigan came—eventually sweeping her off of her feet. 

Almost every day, Ronald would accompany Hazel going to and leaving from work. Such an effort is pursued day by day despite the daunting objections from Hazel’s family.

But a man’s heart is mightier when inspired, and so Ronald persevered even more, loving not only Hazel but also her kid as his own.  

With everything falling in place perfectly, Hazel has seen with her eyes that she has yet another shot in love—despite a painful past. 

Watch “To Love Again” here:

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