Nadine Lustre Lectures Netizens Who Allege Boyfriend Christophe Bariou Of Cheating

Nadine: “Di ko kaya yung backwards mentality mo teh”

FAMAS 2023 best actress Nadine Lustre seems to have reached the brim as she strikes back at netizens who alleged her French-Filipino beau Christophe Bariou of infidelity. 

Nadine Lustre
Nadine Lustre
IMAGE: nadine on Instagram

The 29-year-old “Greed” star has responded to comments that her boyfriend was seen out and about with a certain Marylou Bvckvr in Siargao. 

As claimed by the account user in one of Christophe’s Instagram posts, he is using Nadine’s jeep to bond with Marylou while the actress is away in Manila. 

Nadine, however, did not take the accusation lightly, as she puts up a response that reads (published as is): “stop acting like you’re concerned. You’re just another hater tryna create drama. 2023 na, gawa nalang tayo vegan cheese.” 

Screenshot 2023 08 22 101626 1
Screengrab from cbariou on Instagram

The actress had enough of the allegation, as she confronts yet another user that claims to be seriously concerned for her. 

As for the user, they are just overprotective of Nadine since that has been the same cheating narrative she experienced with her ex-boyfriend, actor James Reid. 

In response, Nadine calls out the comment appalling since it insinuates that guys and girls are not allowed to be in a platonic relationship. 

Nadine writes (published as is): “@siilechim how rude and offensive. Lagi ko ding kasama yung mga guy friends ko recently, but that doesn’t mean Im cheating. Di ba siya pwedeng magka friends na girls?

Di ko kaya yung backwards mentality mo teh. It’s giving pre pandemic.”

Screenshot 2023 08 22 114757
Screengrab from cbariou on Instagram

Nadine Lustre’s follow-up lecture

Following up a heated lecture on Instagram to a netizen, Nadine then takes her sentiments to X (formerly Twitter) in a seeming call to remove the toxic connotation of platonic relationships between male and female. 

In a separate post, Nadine calls out those people claiming to be her “fans” yet offer hostile words for her just because they think of living Nadine’s life better than she actually does. 

In the same breath, Nadine extends her acknowledgement to people who”never engage with their bs.” 

Wrapping things up, she then calls out “toxic” taletellers who bombard Nadine of their “self-righteous” and “condescending lecture.” 

Nadine has recently won the 2023 FAMAS Best Actress award—the highest merit in the female category awarded for her important portrayal as Kichi in a Yam Laranas film “Greed.” 

The FAMAS recipient extended her momentous victory to her boyfriend Christophe who recently publicized his battle against cancer three years ago. 

Christophe Bariou and Nadine Lustre
Christophe Bariou, Nadine Lustre
IMAGE: cbariou on Instagram

Just when the French-Filipino businessman thought that all hope was lost, he weighed the decision of staying in Siargao to live his remaining days without treatment. 

However, good news came from his doctors, which then prompted him to take intense chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Two months later, Christophe revealed that his body fared better than ever. 

The couple met in July of 2021, when a visiting Nadine got to know Christophe through common friends in Siargao. 

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