Nadine Lustre Admits Losing Passion For Acting Before Over Exhaustion

Nadine: “Push yourself a lot, but don’t push yourself too much”

Even the greats face low grounds sometimes, and such a claim is true for FAMAS 2023 Best Actress Nadine Lustre who admits experiencing a slump in acting due to creative burnout. 

The 29-year-old actress joined NYMA talents Raco Ruiz, Pat Tingjuy, and Frances Cabatuando in a panel discussion on authenticity during Globe’s recently held G Creator Con on Sunday, September 19. 

Nadine Lustre with Frances Cabatuando, Pat Tingjuy, and Raco Ruiz
Frances Cabatuando, Pat Tingjuy, Raco Ruiz, Nadine Lustre

During the forum, Home Buddies founder Frances asked what was their mindset before entering the stressful and taxing industry of showbiz. 

For Nadine who has been in the industry for quite a while now, she has learned to “put a boundary on the things that we do, kasi sometimes, we push ourselves way too hard.” 

While she acknowledges that most people are naturally hardworking,pushing beyond the limit only rakes in consequences on the body. This, she shares as one the lessons from her acting career. 

She says, “Ang ending nun, we get sick, you know, we lose interest in the things that we want to do.

“And sometimes, at some point, I even lost my passion for acting just because I was so, so, so exhausted that I didn’t want to do it anymore.” 

While this is the case, Nadine shares that taking a break from work was all she needed to do to get back on her feet again. 

She shares,”When I got back into it, I kind of found my passion again for acting, so, push yourself a lot, but don’t push yourself too much where you feel like you’re gonna…” 

“Die” she continues, while laughing over her attempt to find the right word. 

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Nadine Lustre is grateful for her mistakes 

Frances then asked if there were some things that Nadine would have wanted to do a bit differently, to which she says, ”Honestly, a lot of people would ask me this.”

“If there were things that I could have done differently, I would say nothing, because I wouldn’t be here right now with the mindset that I have if I didn’t go through all those challenges. 

“I’m happy with the mistakes that I’ve made, and I’ve learned from those mistakes, so yeah, I  just embrace them.” 

Nadine Lustre
Nadine Lustre

The same is true on how she deals with criticism and bashing— putting it simply as an external factor that holds no weight. 

She shares that sometimes, she gets entertained by all the bashers, but points out that she pays no mind to them since “they don’t know me personally.” 

“They don’t know who I am, they don’t know what I do. They’re kind of just on the outside looking in.”

Nadine remains a force in the showbiz industry, made more evident by her recent win as Best Actress at the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences. 

The merit was for her important portrayal as Kichi in a Yam Laranas-helmed film “Greed.” 

Nadine is now set for another horror comeback with director Mikhail Red for the film “Nokturno.” She is currently shooting for the upcoming movie, which is planned to be submitted to MMFF 2023.

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