Is Olivia Rodrigo Referencing Joshua Bassett In New Song “bad idea right?”

Certain parts of Olivia’s latest music video seems to reference Joshua

Olivia Rodrigo has dropped the music video of her latest single, “bad idea right?” on August 11.

The song talks about hooking up with ex-boyfriends, and fans have found certain hints that Olivia might be referencing her ex-boyfriend, Joshua Bassett, in the music video.

Olivia Rodrigo
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Known for crafting music centered around heartbreak and videos with intricate hidden messages, Olivia is already onto her second album. Her debut album “Sour” was a massive success, breaking records and earning her awards.

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Olivia’s music video

Recently, Olivia dropped the single and music video of “bad idea right,” with fans speculating that this song is a continuation of her acclaimed “Drivers License” due to its theme.

The music video shows Olivia at a house party, grappling with reconnecting with her ex-boyfriend. Despite her friends’ advice against it, she leaves the party in the rain, hitching rides, and ending up at his hotel room. The lyrics reflect her internal struggle.

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Fans have noted connections between the song’s lyrics, video imagery, and Olivia’s social media hints.

TikTok user @youbrokemefirst91 discovered that an Instagram Story of Olivia featured an address matching the address on her driver’s license merchandise.

The hotel room number in the video is 22, a nod to Joshua’s birthdate and age. Furthermore, a guitar case near the bed aligns with Joshua’s known association with playing the guitar.

Olivia’s relationship with Joshua garnered significant attention , considering their involvement in “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” While “Drivers License” seemed to allude to their rumored relationship, later events and interviews had seemingly confirmed their split.

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Joshua admitted in an interview that Olivia hadn’t communicated with him since the release of “Drivers License.” Despite this, they appeared together during the “HSMTMTS” season 3 premiere in 2022 and even took pictures together.

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