Priscilla Meirelles Takes Marital Problems With John Estrada To Public  

Priscilla Meirelles and John Estrada’s relationship is in rough waters!

Miss Earth 2004 Priscilla Meirelles takes her juiciest cheating sentiments online by sharing a series of cryptic posts on Instagram on Thursday, March 30. 

In an uploaded Instagram story, the pageant title holder and John Estrada’s wife asks her followers: “What to call a female that entertains a married man?”

This was followed by another Instagram story that contains a long list of derogatory slurs for third parties she surveyed from followers. 

Priscilla Meirelles, John Estrada
Priscilla Meirelles, John Estrada

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The posts have spread wildfire speculations about third-party involvement and cheating issues committed by Estrada. While all corners of the internet took the posts cryptically, Meirelles is bold to admit that she meant the post unfiltered, and that there is actually an illicit affair involved. 

In an interview with, Meirelles shares, “I don’t understand why people are saying my posts are cryptic. The way I see it, I was very direct to the point.”

Meirelles also confirms that there has been a long-enduring marital problem between her and Estrada. As she puts it, “I have been going through a rough time in my marriage for a while already for many reasons.” She continues, “And just like with anyone else, it has been tough. I constantly pray for strength and wisdom and hope for better days ahead but the truth is napuno na ako.

The Alleged Third Party 

The internet was quick to associate and drag various names into the issue, including John Estrada’s ex-wife, Janice De Belen. 

In 2004, Estrada and De Belen’s marriage was legally terminated through annulment. Eleven years later, Estrada married Meirelles. As this is the case, some people correlate Meirelles’s struggle as a karmic force borne out of her intention to ruin De Belen and Estrada’s marriage back then. But in Meirelles’s defense, Estrada had other relationships before marrying his present wife. 

Cebuana influencer and vlogger Chiyo Dela Vega was also dragged into the issue after alleged confrontational conversations between her and Meirelles surfaced online. In the series of screenshots that Dela Vega publicized, a feisty Meirelles is questioning her over a series of text messages that she has with Estrada.  

Priscilla Meirelles, John Estrada
Priscilla Meirelles
Priscilla Meirelles, John Estrada

Amid the internet accusations hurled at Dela Vega, the influencer remained silent over the issue. While many people are expecting that she would come to her defense, all she has to put up lately are inspirational messages through her Instagram account. 

On Saturday, April 1, she shared a story that reads, “Sometimes happiness looks like staying home, canceling plans, listening to a guided meditation, ignoring several text messages, and doing you.” It was posted together with the caption “Have a blessed day.”

Estrada and Meirelles got married in La Union in 2011 and now have a daughter named Anechka. Earlier this month, Estrada uploaded an appreciation post for Meirelles in celebration of their 12th wedding anniversary.

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