Rhian Ramos Shares What She Feels About Michelle Dee And Miss Thailand Anntonia Porsild’s Closeness 

Rhian says she doesn’t care about Michelle and Anntonia’s bond

Rhian Ramos tells the press that she holds no grudges or ill-feelings over Michelle Dee’s closeness with co-candidate at Miss Universe, Anntonia Porsild of Thailand. 

In the three-week duration of the 72nd Miss Universe, roommates Michelle and Anntonia seemingly developed a sisterly bond with each other, as they were constantly seen goofing around and spending time both on and offline. 

Close friend of Michelle, Rhian, was then asked about it by some members of the press, including FreebieMNL, during the media conference for her film “Ikaw At Ako” at Viva Cafe on November 29, 2023.

A press member asks, “Nagseselos ka ba kay Miss Thailand?” 

Unabashed by the question, Rhian then humors it out by answering, “No! I don’t care, she lives with me,” before bursting into laughter. 

She adds, “And it’s true, literal, e. Literal kasi, e.” 

Rhian Ramos and Michelle Dee
Michelle Dee, Rhian Ramos
IMAGE: whianwamos on Instagram

Rhian and Michelle are known to have a closely knitted relationship with each other. Michelle has been living with Rhian—which explains Michelle’s recent tweet. 

Michelle recently shared a fan-edited content on X (formerly Twitter), wherein Rhian was seen questioning why Michelle is linked to so many girls. It was then followed by a montage of photos of Michelle and Anntonia. 

Michelle captions it with, “Sayo pa rin umuuwi @whianwamos #rhimich.” 

As a response, Rhian then quote-retweeted it with, “Umagang umaga honey ah [kissing emoji]. 

Rhian Ramos is overjoyed by support and love for Michelle Dee 

In the entire duration of Miss Universe, Rhian has been at the forefront of support for Michelle. Even during the finals, Rhian was emotional and heartbroken, as seen in her Instagram stories at that time. 

More so, she also expressed her distaste when a viral video of Miss Universe owner Anne Jakrajutatip resurfaced, allegedly disrespecting Michelle. 

Rhian, who admits being affected by Michelle’s defeat, says that she could not help but be sentimental in the middle of a traffic jam. Hence, she cried for more. 

Still speaking on the sidelines, Rhian recalls, “Ang dami-dami niyang post at tsaka mga repost ng mga fans niya na nagmamahal sa kanya. 

“And I saw more videos na naman of her in that iconic beautiful gown, and I started crying in traffic while watching.

Umiyak na naman ako kasi, at saka yung thought talaga na pumapasok sa isip ko, noong umiiyak ako is ‘Oh my God, she’s so beautiful and loved,’ yung parang ganun.”  

Rhian Ramos and Michelle Dee
Michelle Dee, Rhian Ramos
IMAGE: whianwamos on Instagram

With the outpour of love and sympathy for Michelle, Rhian admits that it was something she wanted for Michelle ever since before. 

She says, “I’ve known for a long time that she’s an amazing human being. She inspires me all the time, and I think she’ll be inspiring for  many other people. 

“For her to finally feel that, I’m just overjoyed.

“Because I just felt like that’s the love that I’ve always wanted for her to feel.”

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