SB19 Fans Call Out Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis Over Music Royalty Side Comment

Here’s what A’TINs have to say about Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda’s exchange

“It’s Showtime” hosts Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis have found themselves in hot water after fans of the P-Pop boy group SB19 called them out for their music royalty side comments. 

IMAGE: @officialsb19 on Instagram

In the June 10, 2023 episode of the noontime show’s “Isip Bata,” a contestant challenged co-host Jhong Hilario to a “Gento” dance face-off. “Gento” is the recently released hit of the local boy group. 

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However, a few breaths had passed and they were informed by a program staff member that the song cannot be played anymore for free as it is already subjected to royalty fee—a payment made by one party to another to use assets.

Vice Ganda is quick to react with, “Naningil na sila, naningil na sila,” pointing to sudden charges for the song. It was then followed by Anne’s “Talaga? Hindi ba good promo yun for the music industry?”

She then adds, “May ganun na pala? Sayang.” 

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IMAGE @annecurtissmith on Instagram
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IMAGE: @praybeytbenjamin on Instagram

What came as a casual exchange between the hosts was taken rather negatively by SB19 fans who expressed their sentiments over the comments. More so, “Respect Local Artists” has trended over the weekend in a seeming protest of fans demanding rightful merit for Filipino hitmakers. 

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Local artists were restless themselves as some figures have chimed in the online discussion including singer Sam Concepcion who tweets, “pay artists their royalties.” 

2020 Awit Award recipient Thyro Alfaro has also commented on the lack of knowledge about music royalty. He writes, “Hindi pala common knowledge na may bayad ang paggamit (ay pag ere/perform to the public) ng isang kanta. Hehe. Sad. Baka naman hindi lang sila aware.” 

Vice Ganda and Anne’s Fans came to rescue 

Anne and Vice’s fans have come to their defense, with some of the Twitter users pointing at a possible misunderstanding at how the comments were delivered. 

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As of writing, both Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis have yet to issue an official statement about it. 

SB19 and their craft

Felip Jhon Suson, Stellvester Ajero, Justin de Dios, John Paulo Bagnas Nase, and Josh Cullen Santos debuted in 2018 as a quintet group known to the public as SB19. Their debut track “Tilaluha” came as their introductory point, from which they were accepted by a fanbase which later named themselves as A’TINs.

image 55
IMAGE: @officialsb19 on Instagram

 In the ensuing years, the group has seen an upsurge in fan traction as their hit tracks “Where You At,” “Mapa,” “What?,” and “Bazinga” have reached unprecedented stream hikes on various streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. 

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