Selena Gomez might be hinting at a new song release

Selenators have awaited new music from Selena Gomez since her last album, “Rare,” dropped in 2020.

Although she released “My Mind & Me” in 2022 for a documentary of the same name, it’s been a while since her previous major musical project.

But, the wait might soon be over as the singer seems to be poised to unveil fresh tracks. Unlike many artists who use social media to tease new music, Selena has opted for a more traditional approach.

On August 14, a series of A4 posters sprung around Dallas, causing a frenzy among her fans. The posters feature a straightforward question: “Single Soon?” alongside a website link and a tear-off phone number.

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The website directs fans to a form where they can provide their details. While Selena’s name isn’t explicitly mentioned on the page, the social media links at the bottom lead to her official profiles, linking the campaign to her upcoming work.

Some fans have dialed the phone number on the posters, and a video shared on Twitter revealed that it leads to a voicemail with an unfamiliar beat at the end.

The voicemail says, “Hi, love you, sissy. Never worry about boyfriends at all!” The person talking seems to be Selena’s little sister, Gracie.

Although not officially confirmed, speculation suggests that Selena’s upcoming song might be titled “Single Soon?”

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Around two months ago, Selena had shared monochrome snapshots of herself inside a recording studio. Her caption read, “Don’t worry guys, it’s coming. Even from Paris.”

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