Shanti Dope Encourages The Youth To Soar Higher On New Single ‘Maya’

The young rapper salutes those hustling for success.

Shanti Dope dropped a new single titled “Maya,” and it’s a rap track with a hypnotizing hook. It’s the kind of song that only the rap phenom and producer Lester Paul “Klumcee” Vaño can deliver.

Shanti Dope Maya PR 1

The youth of today inspired this hip-hop masterpiece. Shanti Dope knows that they’re more liberal and progressive than their elders. He believes in their potential, so he wrote a song to encourage them to soar higher.

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Shanti Dope’s record label Universal Records released a statement about the track. According to them, it’s the rapper’s tribute to his generation. It’s his way of honoring the new class of Filipinos who are breaking barriers. Filipinos who aren’t shy about doing whatever it takes to be who they are.

Shanti Dope made sure it came across as an anthem of defiance. Each line brims with the assurance that the rapper and those like him can go bigger. (By “those like him,” we mean those who are passionate and spirited.) His signature flow makes “Maya” a banger. It’s perfect for a sold-out concert or the next big revolution in the streets.

He and the rest of his crew are planning to film a music video, so you better watch out for that. Meanwhile, “Maya” is now available for streaming on all digital music platforms.

Feature Image Daniella Sison

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