Bela Padilla reveals she is now officially living in London

Fans are now wondering where her local showbiz career will lead to in the future.

Bela Padilla reveals she is now officially living in London
(Image from Instagram: @bela)

After flying out of the Philippines months ago, Bela Padilla has now confirmed that she has officially moved to London.

The Meet Me in St. Gallen star shared in a tweet that she moved to London “ a few months ago” but took her time to “find her footing first” before giving a glimpse of her life in the United Kingdom. 

It was back in July when Bela left the Philippines, as seen in photos by Dani Barretto where she bid her an emotional farewell. In August, she shared photos of her spending time with the British side of her family taken in the UK, as well as with her Swiss boyfriend, Norman Bay.

Bela also said in her tweet that she will talk about the move more in an upcoming vlog, as well as respond to fans’ questions about her decision to relocate.

Speaking of questions, the nagging issue that fans seem to have for the actress is whether this means that she’s leaving her local showbiz career behind.

Bela was last heard of in the entertainment industry when she released the teaser to 366, which marks her directorial debut. On-screen, she played Jane Pineda in the romantic drama film On Vodka, Beers, and Regrets and as Julie Miranda in ABS-CBN’s crime drama series Mea Culpa.

Career concerns notwithstanding, Bela’s beau shared in his response to her tweet that “he’s just happy” that they’re now together.

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