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Ben&Ben’s Paolo Benjamin Tapped His Ex To Star In The Band’s New MV

It couldn’t have been easy for them to work together.

Yes, breakups aren’t easy, but neither is meeting your ex after quite some time. If you didn’t already know, popular folk band, Ben&Ben, recently released a music video for “The Ones We Once Loved.”

It was hard for us to watch it without tearing up. Not only because of the music and lyrics of this latest heartbreak hit from Ben&Ben. It’s because the talents in the MV are Paolo Benjamin and his ex-girlfriend, Bea Lorenzo.

The music video shows us how the two musicians’ relationship progressed. It’s like a mix of the early happy days where you notice brighter surroundings with the dark ones with a sad tone.

It was hard to watch how their love evolved throughout the years. That could be because we know how things will turn out. By the end of the video, we see Bea back in her room. Although she’s all alone, she seems more at ease.

The MV included clips from when they were still together. Speaking of clips, here’s a peek at what went down when the exes showed up on set to film the MV.

Ben&Ben is best known for music that reminds listeners about the ups and downs of romance. What’s great about their songs is that they’re comforting and very relatable at the same time.

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We don’t know about you guys, but we do believe that the band outdid themselves with their latest release.

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