Explore Nina Dobrev’s 1920s Spanish-Style Abode

Architectural Digest is back with another video and this time, they’ve taken a stroll through actress Nina Dobrev’s sweet Spanish-style home.

In the almost 17-minute video, viewers were able to take a tour through the 32-year-old’s West Hollywood home, which features a stunning kitchen, cozy living space, and sprawling outdoor area.

“My boyfriend and I painted the whole exterior of the house ourselves and it took forever,” Dobrev said after explaining that the house was originally a mustard yellow color. The boyfriend in question is professional snowboarder Shaun White. “But it turned out beautiful, so I’m happy I did it.”

Explore Nina Dobrev's 1920s Spanish-Style Abode
Photo from Architectural Digest

Dobrev enjoyed a multicultural background, being born in Bulgaria and spending time in southern France. She made sure to incorporate this aspect of herself in the makings of the home.

“The house is from the 1920’s,” she shared. “I wanted to pay respect to the original architecture and the Spanish-style influence. And even though we were redoing certain things, I wanted to use materials that were organic and felt like they could’ve belonged to the home before, while still refreshing and giving the house a facelift.”

Charlie Barstein, of Charlie Barstein Interiors, worked with the The Vampire Diaries star to ensure that her home remodeling went off without a hitch. He paid special attention to the kitchen, where he achieved a European country-style aesthetic with olive green cabinets and terracotta floors.

IMG 4538
Photo from Architectural Digest

Dobrev claimed that the tilework paid homage to her origins. “We got these reclaimed terracotta tiles from Europe that are all unique,” she said. “They’re textured. Some have a lot of imperfections, which I kind of love, like it’s been lived in, and it feels European. And I’m from Europe so I wanted to bring in my heritage a little bit.”

The kitchen also houses a special oak dining table, which, according to Barstein, would help her in achieving the “adult kitchen” of her dreams and prepare her for cooking and hosting duties.

Other parts of the house that can be seen in the video are Dobrev’s expanded breakfast nook, laid-back outdoor area, and spacey exercise room.

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