Remember Rose Vega from “90 Day Fiance”? This is what she looks like now

Remember Rose Vega from "90 Day Fiance"? This is what she looks like now
(Image: TLC)

You may be able to remember her, but you definitely won’t be able to recognize her.

That’s because Rosemarie Vega, the memorable star of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancèstuns the world once again with a total glow-up that will make Big Ed regret leaving her for good. 

Through a series of posts on Instagram, the Filipina single mom mesmerized her followers with her jaw-dropping morena makeover care of hair and makeup artists Jeff and Guilly Valenzuela. The reality TV personality was shot by photographer Niccolo Cosme.

Vega also shared her words of salutation to all strong women who stand up for themselves in the posts’ captions.

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women,” one of her posts read.

Vega was part of the fourth season of the reality TV series, entitled 90 Day Fiancè: Before the 90 Dayswhich follows couples who meet for the first time after having built a relationship online. There, she was introduced to the Big Ed Brown, who traveled from the US to the Philippines to take their Facebook relationship to the next level. 

Sadly, a series of mismatched wants and miscommunications made their relationship rocky, with the final nail in the coffin being Ed’s desire to get a vasectomy despite Rose telling him she wants more kids.

(Image: TLC)

Fortunately for Rosemarie, though, the show opened the door for opportunities. Her vocal expression of her principles and dream to rise above poverty made her an online icon and inspiration. As an influencer, her Instagram now sits with 580 thousand followers, while her YouTube channel stands strong with 710 thousand subscribers.

In an interview on her YouTube channel, Rose revealed that she still wants to get married despite her newfound success. Though obviously, “No-Neck Ed” isn’t a sizable option anymore. Pun intended.

Get to know more about Rose Vega through her Q&A below:


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