She may not have won the crown, but Miss Manila won the Internet

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Image from Facebook: Alexandra Abdan

The Miss Universe-Philippines pageant concluded last weekend with the crowning of Miss Iloilo Rabiya Mateo. Applauses have been given, and even post-pageant teas have been served, but we can’t help but think that it’s Miss Manila that genuinely represented the Filipina realness we can all relate to.

“You just gotta kalma yourself”

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Image from Facebook: Jay Santiago

Alexandra Abdon, Sampaloc’s pride and Manila’s contender to the competition, first made an impression during the pageant’s preliminary interviews.

In a video posted on Facebook by Nikki Nicolas, we can see a more down-to-earth disposition from Miss Manila, prioritizing comfort over poise by relaxing her stance and waiting to calm down before she answered any questions.

Wait, kailangan kong huminga… ok, game!” See her being cool, composed, and kalog in the video below:

She also didn’t have any problem sharing with the judges that her true self reflects Manila’s reality — a pajama-wearing, Quiapo-street-food-eating “chill” girl who would trade her slit dress for a sweatshirt any day. When she said “ganito talaga kami sa Manila,” we felt that.

Where others would fall into a lull, Miss Manila would bravely “stop” the time because she couldn’t think, so she says.

Uy napapa-smile si direk, hindi ako nag-times up!”

Just kween thingz, courtesy of Miss Manila.

While others served tea, Miss Manila poured shots

That’s right, Miss Manila is a bona fide booze lover, and she doesn’t care who’s looking. In an Instagram story posted by Miss Antique, we can see all the pageant contestants mingling in one room, socializing with fellow beauty queens, all while Miss Manila is pouring what seems to be a shot of Jose Cuervo tequila.

Indeed, girls just wanna have fun. Cheers, Miss Manila!

Miss Universe-Philippines may have been looking or a beauty queen we can get behind, but Miss Manila is the beauty queen we can definitely get down with. Just ask these netizens:

Let’s start a petition for Miss Manila to be part of the pageant every year from now on.


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