Vina Morales Evades Questions About Non-Showbiz Boyfriend

Vina Morales said she is whole, with or without a significant other

Kapamilya singer-actress Vina Morales responded vaguely on her relationship status with non-celebrity partner Andrew Kovalcin.

On Monday, April 8, 2024, at the premiere night of her VIVA Films movie “Sunny,” the media wondered if her boyfriend was present at the big event. 

Quickly, Vina answered, “Waley. Ang layo [niya]. Malayo.”

However, when being in love was mentioned, the “ASAP Natin ‘To” performer jumped dismissively at the claim.

Giggling, her voice raised, “Hindi in love! Hindi na nga!”

Such denial manifested the question: Did Vina and Andrew break up?

Vina took her word back as a jest, yet she hinted at standing alright regardless if she is single or not at the moment. 

She exclaimed, “Joke! Well, ako kasi, I always believe, with or without, I am complete…”

Plus, the celebrity mom is content with 14-year-old daughter, Ceana, by her side. 

In emphasis, she continued, “Because I have Ceana, you know?”

Vina hard-launched Andrew on a now deleted Instagram reel in October 2023. 

Although a question mark sits next to her love life, what’s certain is that Vina prioritizes Ceana the most. 

The 48-year-old singer-actress still dreams about getting married someday.

But even then, she is comfortable on her own. 

She explained, “My gosh… Siyempre, isa yun sa mga dream ko. If it’s gonna happen soon, then it’s okay. But right now, I think mas gusto ko yatang ako na lang muna. I mean, I have Ceana naman

Hindi mo masabi kasi kung sino talaga yung makakatuluyan mo. So, ayokong pagusapan actually, because I wouldn’t know kung sino talaga ang para sa akin.”

During the press conference of “Sunny,” Vina said that she prefers to be more lowkey with her relationship.

Mas maganda ’yung private lang. There are ups and downs. There’s no assurance. So, wherever God takes me, whoever I end up with, I’m just enjoying my journey now,” she said.

Vina on motherhood

Besides, Vina made it clear that she is not rushing anything about her love life, as going through motherhood has become a learning curve for Vina in terms of patience.

Vina said, “I’m also grateful na I’ve experienced motherhood kasi hindi ako nagmamadali. If there’s another opportunity for me to have a baby, okay lang kasi naka-freeze naman yung eggs ko.

Vina Morales
Vina Morales (in green) with her daughter Ceana
IMAGE vina_morales on Instagram

About Ceana, Vina also revealed that she remains civil with her ex-partner and the father of her daughter, Cedric Lee.

The actress shared, “I’m very happy to announce that we’re co-parenting. We’re civil. 

“They always spend time with each other… This weekend, Saturday, Sunday they were in Tagaytay. So, kasama niya yung dad niya.

Siyempre, di ba, for the sake of our daughter? At saka na-realize ko noong pandemic, parang, you know, forgiveness talaga, e. You have to forgive. Life is short. And it’s also for her own sake, di ba

“So they’re both happy, we’re all happy, I’m happy. So, you know, we’re just enjoying our journey.”

“Sunny” is Vina’s comeback movie

Meanwhile, Vina is happy to work with VIVA Films again after a very long time, which served as her home for many years.

Some of the films she was able to do with VIVA are “Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum,” “Hanggang Saan, Hanggang Kailan,” and “Kadenang Bulaklak,” among others.

Now, she returns with VIVA via the remake of “Sunny,” together with her sisters in VIVA: Angelu de Leon, Sunshine Dizon, Candy Pangilinan, Katya Santos, Tanya Garcia, and Ana Roces.

“Sunny” also serves as her movie comeback after being busy with teleseryes.

Vina shared, “Puro ako soap opera, teleserye, and then I did a lot of concerts abroad and here. So eto, nasundan na

“Excited ako because it’s my, parang, comeback film with VIVA films after so many years na hindi ako nakapagtrabaho with VIVA and I’m always grateful to them.”

“Sunny” tells the story of a middle-aged woman’s dying wish to see and reconnect with her high school friends.

Vina plays the role of adult Annie, while her young counterpart is played by Heaven Peralejo.

Vina also had a real-life “Sunny” moment as she reunited with her “Kadenang Bulaklak” co-actresses Angelu de Leon and Ana Roces.

She shared, “Actually, nagkagulatan kami sa one of the photoshoots namin

Kasi nga hindi pa masyadong sinabi sa amin kung sino yung mga characters na makakasama, but alam namin. Alam ko talaga si Angelu lang, si Ana, but then, when we saw each other, nagkasigawan kami, ‘Oh my gosh! Tuloy nga ito!’

Akala namin, you know, hindi talaga. As long as hindi niyo kasi nauumpisahan ang isang pelikula, hindi mo masabi na kasama ka na sa movie. 

 “So, we when we did that shooting day, talagang wala kaming ibang ginawa kundi magchikahan, oo. Tuluy-tuloy ang chikahan.”

Nostalgia hits Vina harder since it is with VIVA they are working with–-the same agency they began with altogether back when they were starting to make a name in the industry.

Vina reminisced, “Kasi ang tagal na namin, I mean, we’re VIVA babies. Mga ‘90s babies kami, e, na nag-start din kami sa VIVA. So, eto na nga. Sana tuluy-tuloy na to have projects here sa VIVA.”

“Sunny” came out in cinemas on Wednesday, April 10, 2024.

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