Why Is Megan Young Being Blamed For Miss Botswana’s Loss In Miss World 2024?

Is Megan in the wrong for fixing Lesego’s hair?

Megan Young faced criticism following her hosting gig at the 71st edition of Miss World at Jio World Convention Center, Mumbai, India. 

Held on Saturday, March 9, 2024, the Miss World 2024 had seen many things unfold—some of which includes the Philippine bet Gwendolyne Fourniol’s non-inclusion in the finals and the crowning of Czech Republic’s Krystyna Psyzková.

But more than that, it marked Megan’s return to hosting the pageant—this time with India’s Karan Johar. 

Following Megan’s win in 2013, she has consistently acted as presenter for the competition in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. 

Megan Young
Megan Young
IMAGE: makeupbylouisernest on Instagram

However, this edition came a bit differently for Megan after people—from the African region—called her out for fixing Botswana’s Lesego Chombo’s hair during the question-and-answer portion. 

During Lesego’s pitching in front of the “Sharks of Shark Tank India,” it can be seen that she has strands of hair just by her forehead. Megan, for her part, takes notice and voluntarily says, “Let me fix your hair a little bit.” 

@joelreycarcasona If you observe the moment Miss Botswana was called, you'll notice a few strands of hair on her forehead. (check comment section for reference). Without Megan Young fixing her hair, those strands would be visible throughout her answering the question. Megan Young is simply helping her look more beautiful onstage. Some argue that it's rude and lowers Miss Botswana’s confidence, but it didn't show tbh! Miss Botswana was even fluent and confident in her response. In the end, Megan fixing Miss Botswana's hair shows how beauty queens support each other. They help their sisters shine on stage, and it's all about teamwork and being there for one another, beyond just looking good. ?? #MissWorld2024 #MeganYoung #fyp #trending ? original sound – Joel Rey Carcasona

But such a gesture did not sit well with a Botswanian Facebook page, as it accuses Megan of forfeiting Lesego’s chances of winning. 

The statement reads: “In my own opinion, the presenter wasn’t fixing Lesego’s hair. And there was nothing wrong with her hair. The presenter wanted to kill Lesego’s confidence and also show judges that it wasn’t her natural hair but a wig.” 

In a follow-up statement, the page outrightly attacks Megan, further insinuating that her gesture is not driven by kindness but is instead racially motivated. 

The statement reads, “Hey Megan Young I can see you are a woman of many talents. One moment you are an MC, the next moment you are Lesego’s hairstylist. 

“I won’t be surprised if you are witch too. I mean what’s your business touching our Queen’s forehead and hair at that crucial moment of the competition and right on centre stage? 

“Nywee nywee it’s your Philippines culture, who told you it’s our Botswana culture? Or you think your white culture is superior than our black culture? 

“Your Filipino brothers and sisters are threatening to report the page. I can see sabotage and hate run in your veins.”

Megan Young issues apology 

Amid heated accusations against Megan, Filipinos resorted to social media to rally behind her. More so, Megan, herself, has issued a statement regarding the incident. 

Her statement reads, “Last night during the final, I fixed Lesego Chombo’s (Miss Botswana) hair on stage. I wanted to offer a helping hand but I failed to oversee the bigger picture. 

“This could have caused distress during that moment and I have been made aware that culturally, this is unacceptable.

“We have spoken privately last night at the hotel and I have apologized to Lesego in private.

“To those who witnessed the incident, I also want to apologize for any discomfort or confusion my actions may have caused. It was a thoughtless and disrespectful act, and I take full responsibility for it. 

“I assure you that it was not my intention to invade personal space or make anyone feel uncomfortable. I deeply regret my actions and will strive to be more mindful and respectful in the future.” 

As for Lesego, she also issued a separate statement in defense of Megan. While she acknowledges the care that her fellow citizens offer, she says that she takes offense at how they drag other people down. 

As she puts it, “Batho bame, I appreciate that you are all looking out for me, but it really doesn’t make me feel good when you bring other people down in my name or for my sake. 

“Please be kinder, please [heart emoji] to Krystyna, to Megan, be kinder.”

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