This OG Beauty Product Will Save You a Lot of Money

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It is often said that beauty has a price, but nowadays, splurging on one’s beauty regimen might not be a priority. However, just because you’re in tipid mode doesn’t mean you should neglect taking care of yourself altogether. Looking good makes you feel good after all.

If you’re looking to maximize your tight budget, look no further than to an OG beauty product you probably already have. Re-introducing you to the multifunctional and affordable powerhouse that is petroleum jelly.

This household staple is safe for all ages and skin types as per It fundamentally seals in moisture, soothes cuts and abrasions, accelerates the healing process of minor injuries. Aside from these benefits, it has a lot of surprising functions as well.

You can use petroleum jelly as a substitute for your highlighter. Just dab a small amount on the high points of your face for a dewy, natural glow. It can also help remove makeup. Its formula is gentle enough to be used even for delicate areas such as the eyes. 

If you have dry skin, you can use petroleum jelly for some extra moisture. Not only can you use it to hydrate your skin, but it can also be applied to your lips and eye lids as well. If you have the time, you can even make your own lip balm by combining petroleum jelly with a baking extract, such as vanilla or strawberry. Amazing, right?

Aside from the face and skin, petroleum jelly can do wonders for your hair. If you have a frizzy mane or even split ends, you can turn to petroleum jelly to tame your locks. You just need to apply a small amount so your hair won’t look too greasy. 

These functions are but the tip of the iceberg of what petroleum jelly can do for you. So before you go on a beauty product shopping spree, check if there are cheap and accessible alternatives you can work with. You can look your best AND spend less at the same time. 


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