Tips to Take Better Selfies With a Face Mask

Whether we like it or not, masks are here to stay. People have even started using the hashtag #maskie to flaunt their mask game online and embrace the new normal. But when half of your face is covered, what’s the best way to take selfies? Here are some tips to take better selfies with a face mask.

Tips to Take Better Selfies With a Face Mask
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Smile With Your Eyes

In the wise words of America’s Next Top Model host Tyra Banks, SMIZE! Oxford defines it as “assuming a playful or alluring expression of the eyes,” and is a great trick to express emotion without having to grin from ear to ear. Make your eyes the focal point of the picture since your smile is hidden behind a mask, anyway.

Find Your Most Flattering Angle

Thanks to masks, you no longer need to worry too much about hiding double chins. Now that those parts are covered, feel free to experiment with different angles. Usually, having the camera tilted downwards is the most flattering angle since it also captures more of your hair and outfit in the frame.

Match Your Masks with Your Outfit

Elevate your OOTDs by pairing them with a matching face mask. This may require some planning ahead of time, especially if you want something customized. Otherwise, you can purchase KN94 masks in a variety of colors when you’re tired of the plain white ones.

Accessorize Your Masks

Another way to take better selfies with a face mask is to accessorize it. It’s already going to be in the picture, so you might as well make it look presentable. Mask chains are available online and double as a lanyard for when you need to remove your masks.

It might be weird taking selfies with a mask, but there’s always a way to make it work. It would be interesting to see these pictures in the future and reminisce about how strange the times were.

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